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The Fuel

Ichabod Frenzy - Chapter 34

Chapter 34 - Ichabod


"Officer Fineman, are you serious?" I asked. "You want me to do what?!"


"Wear the bugs and go to their Blow Out Party," said Officer Fineman.


"I thought you didn't believe in all of the dreams I told you about?" I asked. I was flabbergasted. Officer Fineman told me with Angelina that he felt the myth and the superstitions were false and we needed evidence.


"That's how you'll get evidence, son," said Officer Fineman. "You told me yourself. It was worth believing, besides, I felt something was wrong when I kept having nightmares that there were other victims besides Angelina. I saw faces and they cried, and some were blondes, brunettes, and even red-heads...every type of girl was there. I think Angel was just a symbol of a familiar girl we all knew who Merrick and Melody hated."


"There were other victims, Officer," I said.


"How did you know?" asked Officer Fineman. "How do you so much? What do you eat?"


"I'm kosher, sir," I said. "But, it's not about that. It's about Ursula, Angelina, the ghost of the blonde I saw in their frat house basement."


"How did you get into their basement?" asked Officer Fineman.


"Shane, Fanny, and Sunjit came with me to their basement. We sort of went inside from the window near the bushes," I said, smiling. I reached Officer Fineman and gave him a bear hug. He was such a kind soul, believing in me and everything, I just couldn't' resist.


Officer Fineman stayed silent for a minute, and wrote something down in his small notepad that was inside his pocket. He placed his finger in the center of his lips, and mumbled to himself. Then shook his head and cried a little, then placed his right hand on my left shoulder. "You are forgiven. Perhaps in the times of Berekoth, we were once Father and son," said Officer Fineman. "I trust you are a good kid inside."


"Can I bring friends, and we all wear the bugs?" I asked. "I need Shane because he looks like a frat boy and he's black, but mostly because he's tall, dark and handsome and he's going to get us all inside."


"Okay, Shane is in," said Officer Fineman.


"Then I need Sunjit, because he's also tall, and he's really smart and although he's handsome, he has a silent presence. People notice him, but they all trust him," I said.


"Okay, Sunjit is in," said Officer Fineman. "Then, you. And that's it."


"Okay, one more, Fanny. Because she has a vintage Bettle and she's going to be our loudest fake Freshman for the upcoming year. Trust me, Officer, she's Vietnamese and chubby, and really really cute. The kind you want to pinch her cheeks for a dollar type of girl," I said. "Please...she won't wear the bug, only the boys, so she can dance and bring the joint on fire."


Officer Fineman shook his head, and rolled his eyes a couple of times and took out his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his forehead. "Sweating, not swearin," said Officer Fineman. "Okay, Fanny is in."


I jumped on his chest and hugged him and fist bumped his hand as I took his palms and tried to make a fist but his hands were sweaty and I got his sweat all over my hand, so it didn't really work out, but I tried. Then, I high kicked with my right leg, and told him. "I'm also dating Angel," I told him. "What do you think? Bad ass?"


Officer Fineman turned around from my front porch and walked swiftly and drove off.


I was left alone, but was feeling it...the bad ass feeling. I was a bad ass.

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