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The Fuel


More than 90% of sexual assaults toward women were done by men. I wonder why it is too hard to handle the cock inside the pants.  Probably because the urinal doesn't have boundaries from one porcelain bowl to the next. Men must feel like they have no boundaries and it is not for them because they're use to showing their cock inconspicuously for the urinal in the bathroom. Every bathroom should have a sign that says, "Please keep your cock to yourselves to prevent from harming others." The government should put big giant barriers between showers in locker rooms, so when the soap drops, the cock won't be aroused or start to ram into anything purple, flesh colored, pink or anything with lace. There should be a chain device that locks the cock and we should call it Cock-Lock-A-Do-No-Harm-Device, and women, and that means all women, should create a law to prevent The Bitch.


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