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Published Work





Short Stories


A Batavia Street

Published in Issue 10 - June 2022 by SORTES MAGAZINE


The cock crowed three times,"Kukuruyuuuk, kukuruyuuuk, kukuruyuuukk...," as the caterwaul of morning that awakened me from slumber. The scent of jasmine and mint emanated in the air from Bhiksu Shiao's incense at the temple, to the east of my shelter. Petojo Street, Number 13, in Batavia, Indonesia, where I lived, in between the rugged walls of Captain Lowenstein's house, a government worker, and the home of a Javanese man named Joko. Our shelter had no number nor postal code, only a metal sheet over our heads to keep us out of rainy days. 

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The Path to Grim Road

Published in December 2021 by TWENTY BELLOWS LITERARY


Before I was conceived, Yin-Yin knew me as a timeless truth.


I was the opposite of Grim. I was the hope, the wings of the dove, and the tall in the short lives of Denver. I was theirs in faith and I knew they needed me — the lost, the homeless, the sinners. One day soon, I would be born into reality here, forged here by Mallory, the priest of metallurgy and infused with the spirit of a child. Thus my name, as entitled by the maker and the daughter of a good soul. Yet, Grim was the darkness even in the darkest corner of the hellish plight. He was a skewed compass, a death mark. 

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Articles published for non-profit and philanthropic organizations


Sewall Child Development Center and Mile High United Way article


Longmont Times-Call Articles for local and community features



First Person Op-ed articles for Chalkbeat Colorado


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Domestic Violence and Schools


Memories of Gun Violence


Collaborative Healing for Colorado Schools after Shootings