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The Fuel

Dangerously writing

I am a danger to someone, the very same people who doesn't want me to write. The very act of writing and dreaming of writing suffocates them. It clouds their days with overcast of dislike, and the very act of dreaming about being a writer and writing creates a mood swing inside their souls and hurts their spirits. 


I am dangerously dreaming and writing. It might be for a very long time. But, the dream is alive.


I also dream that the emotions that those who want failure and shame to scandal my writing and my life will be replaced with joy. For them to also dream of happier times and happier things, wishing me good will and good tidings. I dream that those who wish rejection upon my soul have compassion beyond my doubt and they are filled with great expectations and hope. 


I dream dangerously and write even more so. I will write about my good dreams and good times, also imperfect times all aligned with the will of God. These dangerous writings and dangerous dreams brings forth good news so those with the desire to live dangerously like me can achieve their dreams.


Living dangerously has its perks. I sip jasmine tea and sometimes iced-tea all at the same time, writing away all of the rebelious ways of life popped with similes and metaphors about candies of time. Not everything is sweet, but all of it, dangerous. 


Those who dislike my dangerous ways probably have opinions, but like most rebels with dangerous thoughts, we ignore them. We light a candle and meditate on the dreams and writings we have inside our souls, dangerously coming out and seeping onto the pages. Auspicious mirth and symbolic of love, these dangerous writings and dreams might move a heart. 


You may believe I am a danger, but in all honesty, I won't have it any other way.


Just Write...dangerously.

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