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The Fuel

Bing, The Imaginary Bear

Once upon a time, near the Great Wall of China in the suburbs of Shanghai, lived two little girls.


Mia of the Ming family, and Nia of the Nhan family.


After school, Nia and Mia played tennis together, shared their toys, candies and secrets.


They talked to each other, about their day.


"I got Mom to buy me an orange dress, and I saved all of my coins to buy some ice cream at the


store," Nia told her best friend.


"Great job! My dad said I look great in green?" said Mia.


They would talk, talk, talk, and talk some more, but always about themselves.


One evening, after dinner, when their parents were watching television, Nia had a thought…


"I wonder if people could read my thoughts? Should I write them down," Nia thought to herself.


That same evening, Mia became a chef.


Mia began to bake cookies, in the shape of tennis rackets, and sea creatures.


Everyday went by, and evenings after evenings, the two girls practiced their hobbies.


Their hobbies became their habits, and their habits became their skills.


Nia began to write down every single thought she felt important, and sometimes these thoughts


were written on her homework.


"I think watermelons tastes great with cheese," wrote Nia.


Mia would go to school with a green apron, green lunch box, and the most delicious homemade


salads, and sugar cookies for dessert, in the shape of tennis rackets for lunch at school.


Mrs. Turtlesoup, their second grade teacher, saw the girls and their changes.


"Nia, what are you thinking? And Mia, who taught you to eat so well?" Mrs. Turtlesoup asked


the two girls.


"I sometimes wonder if people could have the same thoughts when something happens," Nia




"I just think green is my new favorite color," Mia told Mrs. Turtlesoup.


Mrs. Turtlesoup laughed so hard that she started to cry.


"Nia, I hope people will hear your voice, and thoughts. Mia, I think you look great!" Mrs. Turtlesoup said.


Mia was so excited and hugged Mrs. Turtlesoup, and told her, "My father is a chef, and


I watch him at work everyday. I want to be like my father. That's why I love to




"My father makes tennis rackets at the local factory, and he never has time to think. My mom


told me to write down what I think my father would say to me, because he loves me," Nia told


Mrs. Turtlesoup.


"Do you think Bing, the imaginary bear would like to see your work?" Mrs. Turtlesoup asked




"Who's Bing? And does Bing like salads and cookies?" Mia asked Mrs. Turtlesoup.


"What my thoughts?" Nia asked Mrs.Turtlesoup.


Mrs. Turtlesoup laughed, "Bing, is my imaginary bear, and he believes both of you are going to


be the most amazing girls in the future."


"What else does Bing know about us?" both girls asked Mrs.Turtlesoup.


"Bing thinks, if you love your skills, you can see your future," whispered Mrs.Turtlesoup.


"I like Bing's thoughts, and I think I will make little bear cookies after him!" said Mia.


Mrs. Turtlesoup laughed so hard again that she almost toppled over.


"But I will tell you a secret. Bing is just a little bear, and if you both believe in yourselves, then


Bing's thoughts doesn't really matter at all," said Mrs. Turtlesoup.


"Nia is going to write about Bing, the imaginary bear!" Mia was so excited.


"Mia will become a chef," Nia was absolutely confident about Mia.


"Lunch is definitely over!!" Mrs. Turtlesoup smiled.



The end. Just write.

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Aim Higher

Today I will aim higher, because I can

I think I ate peppers last night, because I didn't touch those peas from a can


I thought, maybe I ate too much candy!

Or just full of energy, but nope, it was just me


I feel like my pockets has gold in it

I feel so valuable, and I am taking my life and claiming it


I think like a champion, and I am a champion NOW!

Because I'm already one inside, and I'm so ready to take a bow!


There is also a vision in my mind, that I am so amazing

I aim high, I win a prize, and my future is promising


I am running towards the finish line, and I am not falling down

I make the qualifying time without giving the chance of sadness a frown


I jump, run, and of course BELIEVE!

Because I am super kid, and I can aim higher than you perceive


I tell my mind to bring happiness, and tell it to stay inside my heart

To reach higher, laugh louder, and love my life, deeper right from the start


These amazing thoughts are just the beginning to something greater

These amazing thoughts deserves amazing rewards because now I can aim higher


I feel my mind is stronger, and my life is brighter

I feel smarter, sharper, lovelier, and of course, sweeter!


My mind says, "I'm one awesome kid, and I know my potential!"

I am strong and my life will flourish in exponential!


I never let negative talk ruin my pace to be a superhero

Because negative talk is just negativity that leads you below zero


I am taking all of the bubbles inside my brain, and releasing its powerful energy

To let it climb up a tree, and make a legend out of my life story!


Last night, I even made a puzzle, all by myself and it was done!

I made it so well, and I just followed directions until it was done!


I made that puzzle and didn't leave my post

Today I won't give failure a chance, and that type of option is just toast!



I just think, "I will believe in me!" As I keep on going

Then my body tingles, and I am shining and smiling


It feels like a split of a second, that I can finish my job

It is not even a wrinkle in time and now I can't stop


I think it's a miracle, because now I desire my life!

I am the most amazing kid in the world, because I can do more than just survive!


I aim high for life, and I know I can do everything

I even made a puzzle in a wrinkle of time, to make something out of nothing


I know I am smart, and life is so gorgeous

I can sharpen my mind, and every task is delicious


I feel amazing and no one can take that away

Because I aim high all by myself, even when the world tells you to sway


I aim high where there would be nothing, if I am not a part of that sky

I just tell myself, "Look talented kid! Keep learning and those skills will help you fly!"


Then when I look back in time, I will remember

How I am successful because I aim higher


Everyone will be so proud of me, and they will pat me on my back

I listen to everything I can achieve, and my dream of success becomes a fact


The skills I will sharpen will give me a future plan

I know accomplishment is my biggest fan


I maybe a kid now, but I am getting taller

This is why I aim higher!


The end. Just write.

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