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The Fuel

Play, Play, Platypi

~ For every kid who ever felt strange or different than the rest. You are a genius! Be excited about your life! You're something special. ~


Play, play, platypi

Wake up, wake up

Don't let the sun go!

The day is short,

get out from the hole!


Play, play, platypi

Come in the water,

Swim across the river!

Look at this marsupial

Rare as a big, huge moose!


Play, play, platypi

Run like the squirrels!

Eat a ton of yappies.

Wiggle your short body

Flat foot and duck-bill, too!


Play, play, platypi

See the moon and stars

With your pretty little eyes.

Burrow into the Earth,

With your hind legs below!


Play, play, platypi

Send the toxic poison!

For protection from the fox.

Growl against the enemy,

Keep your fur intact!

Play, play, platypi

Keep your young near

Let your wife rear the clutch.

Your eggs will fully hatch,

For this mammal brainiac! 

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Good People

~ Dedicated to all of the children and young adults I met in my life. You are my bright shining Sun. ~

I'm a good kid

Because I know how to love

I know I care

About me and my heart


I'm a good kid

Because I can smile

When the sun shines bright

Or when the moon hides behind the clouds


I'm a good kid

Because I know I can fly

Even through the storm

And when the sky turns grey up above


I'm a good kid

Because I have courage

To stand, run, and dance

Even when the world will not give me a chance


I'm a good kid

Because I am strong

Even when I am weak

Or when the Earth turns upside down


I'm a good kid

Because I care enough to make it

Although the valleys are deep and wide


I'm a good kid

And I am on my way

To become good people


Because good people laugh

through the cries of sorrow


Because good people hug

to embrace another


Because good people speak

of lovely words with uplifting voices


Because good people live

and keep on breathing, through and through



Because good people are honest

taking lies away further from the truth


Because good people shine

living with pure light inside their minds


I am on my way

To become good people


Taking each step

One at a time


I am on my way

To become good people


Loving my life

Living with love


I am on my way, to become …


Everything I am meant to be










I am a good kid


I love me


I love all I will be


Good people, I am meant to be


Good people, that's me



The end. Just write.

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The Rescue - A Christmas Story.

~Dedicated to The Denver Rescue Mission of Colorado ~


Amanda's hands tremored from the bitter frost on skin in the midst of a cold winter night. There was no room at St.Francis Shelter and her blanket was drenched from the snow on the concrete sidewalk. Matchstick men stood around the corner from where she was sleeping, and fear emerged out of the sheer feeling of danger from drug dealings or imminent assaults.


"Just let me be, please," said Amanda, to herself.


"You working tonight?" asked a man who passed by with his trousers sagging from his buttocks with his large cotton sweater stenched of semen and dirt.


"Nah, got hungry. I need some rest. Maybe one of the girls from under the I-70 is," said Amanda. Being seventeen and homeless meant a lot of side work with her body and dignity to make a quick buck. But not tonight, it was Christmas Eve.


"I just can't," she mumbled under her breath, fixing her blanket to cover her body. "I'd give anything for a change."


The man walked around the corner and yelled to the some of the drug dealers, "She ain't workin' tonight." A few moments later Amanda heard a loud yell, "Lazy whore!"


Her body shook but she curled her body tight and ignored the cold because once the shivers starts, there was no going back from holding the pain for the bone chilling weather. She clenched her teeth and mouth and held her wrists with each hand intertwined with her knees inside her arms.


"Won't kill my joy if I die tonight," she thought.


A police car passed by and the sirens jerked her body, with the red and blue lights blaring like annoying disco lights in a dark room.


"So…the ordinance is on," said the police officer, with his flashlights on her face, shining down inside the blanket like a scorching sun. "Let's go, we got to take you in."


"Oh man, Oh man…damn it! I ain't doing nothing," yelled Amanda, as tears flowed down her cheeks.


"Well, we gave you a ticket before, so you know the drill. Let's go, warm drink there and you're lucky, we're giving some pie for Christmas," said the police officer.


"God damn it, am I getting a ticket now?" she asked. Amanda twitched from the cold, as she pulled away from the police officer and putting her blanket inside the grocery cart.


"Leave that damn cart. Let's go," the officer yelled.


He pulled the back of her sweater and moved her to the back seat of the police car. Amanda slid down the car seat, but it was so warm with the car heater on that she didn't truly mind. 


The officer sat down in the driver seat, turned on his light, and started the engine. The Denver Police Department wasn't too far from the Ballpark area in downtown Denver, and as they passed by Snooze eatery, Amanda was half glad that she didn't have to do another job near the bus stop with some man she doesn't know.


"You like hot chocolate?" asked the officer.


"Yeah, my mom used to make me some when I was little, around this time," said Amanda, trying to answer every question just in case she can get on his good side. Sixteen and homeless meant jumbled memories of home, no matter how brutal it was. At least the officer asked about "hot chocolate" and not about school.


"You got folks back home?" he asked.


Damn it, Amanda thought.


"They died. Car accident. My uncle wasn't a good man. My aunt was a bitch, so I just left them,'" said Amanda, grimacing from the past. She was so perturbed that the officer even asked personal questions when he should damn well know that homeless kids didn't want to be questioned.


"Let's get off here," said the officer, stopping on the corner of Park and Lawrence. "Get out, and walk inside, my friend John is there. Tell him I sent you."


"What?" Amanda said, biting her lips because this was another one of those times where spontaneity meets misfortune, and only fate can dictate her destiny. "What do you want me to do in there?"


"Get the hell out and talk to John. Are you stupid deaf?" he yelled at her. "Get out, I gotta get another one."


Amanda ran out of the car and walked into the brightly lit entrance-way into a building she never entered before. 


Another officer met her inside, and said, "I'm John. Here fill out this form."

John handed her a paper form on a clipboard and she frantically filled it out.


Name, home address, telephone number, date of birth, reason for applying, not everything was filled out and three out of five wasn't too bad. Amanda Smith, homeless, not available, January 31, 1996, got ticketed at Ballpark bus stop.


"Go in that room and wait for me," said Officer John. He took the form from the clipboard and pushed her to a room filled with so much raucous that she was afraid to walk in.


Amanda opened the double doors and in front of her were tables and tables of dinner plates set up with napkins, spoons, forks, the works, like a real dinner table.


Near the back of the room were some folks dressed with red aprons serving plates of dinner with ham, mashed potatoes, corn, and sweet rolls on the side.


Amanda walked to the servers, and asked, "Can I have some?" She couldn't help but to feel so hungry all of the sudden.


"Hey, Amanda, yeah. Sit down, take your sweater off, we'll get you a blanket and eat up," said one of the ladies.


"How'd you know my name?" asked Amanda.


"It's there on your name tag, silly," said the lady in a white sweater and black pants with her red apron.  She had the most loving smile as if she was a family member that Amanda never met, but had grown to love.


Amanda looked down to check if there really was a name-tag on her body, and to her surprise, she was dressed in a red velvet dress with a white sticker of a name tag on her left chest.

She looked down her feet and she was wearing black slip-on shoes and black plaid patterned tights. She looked at her skin, and she was clean, but she hadn't showered for months. Her eyes widened and a buzz simmered inside her brain as it tingled inside her cranium.


"Holy macaroni," said Amanda. She smelled her underarms and much to her surprise, she smelled like a girl after a fresh shower.


"You gotta sit down, the house is filling up," said a skinny bearded man with a knitted green sweater. "Look, who's behind you! Hey, Malcolm!"


Amanda turned around and saw a jolly man with a huge beer belly and a smile, wearing a Christmas sweater with a picture of Rudolph holding a candy cane.


Malcolm walked towards her and said, "Amanda, you got the job! You'll start in the kitchen as dishwasher and you can work your way up to server at the soup kitchen."


"I have a job?" Amanda said, baffled. Her mind boggled as if a lost toddler in a shopping mall on Black Friday.


"Yeah, I thought it could be your present. Merry Christmas!" Malcolm said. He hugged her, and lifted her off the ground.


"I was homeless a minute ago," said Amanda. She was touched by some divine presence that she never knew existed. "I don't understand."


"Oh, don't worry about that. Just eat up and we'll take care of you. The room upstairs is yours till you settle down," said the lady who first spoke to her.


"I have a place to stay?" Amanda cried.


"Stop thinking about the past. Just eat," said Malcolm.


Amanda ate and ate and got seconds. After dinner, she walked upstairs behind the building and saw her room that looked strangely like a college dormitory.


"It's all yours kid," said Malcolm. "You can work here until you get back to school."


"Who did all this?" asked Amanda, with warm tears in sobs.


"You did. You don't remember?" Malcolm was confused. "You came in on Christmas Eve a day ago and asked us to help out. So here we are kid."


Amanda thought that she was about to be jailed just a few hours ago, but now it's Christmas? Did time just flew by without consent out of respect for her? Who was that officer? Where did he go?


"Merry Christmas, Amanda," Malcolm hugged her, and walked back downstairs. "Get back down and meet some new friends." He smiled at her and was about to walk down the stairs when he suddenly said, "Oh, this is for you."


He took out a small little stone with the word "BELIEVE" etched on the smooth surface. "It's from management," he said.


The End. Just write.

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Bing, The Imaginary Bear

Once upon a time, near the Great Wall of China in the suburbs of Shanghai, lived two little girls.


Mia of the Ming family, and Nia of the Nhan family.


After school, Nia and Mia played tennis together, shared their toys, candies and secrets.


They talked to each other, about their day.


"I got Mom to buy me an orange dress, and I saved all of my coins to buy some ice cream at the


store," Nia told her best friend.


"Great job! My dad said I look great in green?" said Mia.


They would talk, talk, talk, and talk some more, but always about themselves.


One evening, after dinner, when their parents were watching television, Nia had a thought…


"I wonder if people could read my thoughts? Should I write them down," Nia thought to herself.


That same evening, Mia became a chef.


Mia began to bake cookies, in the shape of tennis rackets, and sea creatures.


Everyday went by, and evenings after evenings, the two girls practiced their hobbies.


Their hobbies became their habits, and their habits became their skills.


Nia began to write down every single thought she felt important, and sometimes these thoughts


were written on her homework.


"I think watermelons tastes great with cheese," wrote Nia.


Mia would go to school with a green apron, green lunch box, and the most delicious homemade


salads, and sugar cookies for dessert, in the shape of tennis rackets for lunch at school.


Mrs. Turtlesoup, their second grade teacher, saw the girls and their changes.


"Nia, what are you thinking? And Mia, who taught you to eat so well?" Mrs. Turtlesoup asked


the two girls.


"I sometimes wonder if people could have the same thoughts when something happens," Nia




"I just think green is my new favorite color," Mia told Mrs. Turtlesoup.


Mrs. Turtlesoup laughed so hard that she started to cry.


"Nia, I hope people will hear your voice, and thoughts. Mia, I think you look great!" Mrs. Turtlesoup said.


Mia was so excited and hugged Mrs. Turtlesoup, and told her, "My father is a chef, and


I watch him at work everyday. I want to be like my father. That's why I love to




"My father makes tennis rackets at the local factory, and he never has time to think. My mom


told me to write down what I think my father would say to me, because he loves me," Nia told


Mrs. Turtlesoup.


"Do you think Bing, the imaginary bear would like to see your work?" Mrs. Turtlesoup asked




"Who's Bing? And does Bing like salads and cookies?" Mia asked Mrs. Turtlesoup.


"What my thoughts?" Nia asked Mrs.Turtlesoup.


Mrs. Turtlesoup laughed, "Bing, is my imaginary bear, and he believes both of you are going to


be the most amazing girls in the future."


"What else does Bing know about us?" both girls asked Mrs.Turtlesoup.


"Bing thinks, if you love your skills, you can see your future," whispered Mrs.Turtlesoup.


"I like Bing's thoughts, and I think I will make little bear cookies after him!" said Mia.


Mrs. Turtlesoup laughed so hard again that she almost toppled over.


"But I will tell you a secret. Bing is just a little bear, and if you both believe in yourselves, then


Bing's thoughts doesn't really matter at all," said Mrs. Turtlesoup.


"Nia is going to write about Bing, the imaginary bear!" Mia was so excited.


"Mia will become a chef," Nia was absolutely confident about Mia.


"Lunch is definitely over!!" Mrs. Turtlesoup smiled.



The end. Just write.

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Aim Higher

Today I will aim higher, because I can

I think I ate peppers last night, because I didn't touch those peas from a can


I thought, maybe I ate too much candy!

Or just full of energy, but nope, it was just me


I feel like my pockets has gold in it

I feel so valuable, and I am taking my life and claiming it


I think like a champion, and I am a champion NOW!

Because I'm already one inside, and I'm so ready to take a bow!


There is also a vision in my mind, that I am so amazing

I aim high, I win a prize, and my future is promising


I am running towards the finish line, and I am not falling down

I make the qualifying time without giving the chance of sadness a frown


I jump, run, and of course BELIEVE!

Because I am super kid, and I can aim higher than you perceive


I tell my mind to bring happiness, and tell it to stay inside my heart

To reach higher, laugh louder, and love my life, deeper right from the start


These amazing thoughts are just the beginning to something greater

These amazing thoughts deserves amazing rewards because now I can aim higher


I feel my mind is stronger, and my life is brighter

I feel smarter, sharper, lovelier, and of course, sweeter!


My mind says, "I'm one awesome kid, and I know my potential!"

I am strong and my life will flourish in exponential!


I never let negative talk ruin my pace to be a superhero

Because negative talk is just negativity that leads you below zero


I am taking all of the bubbles inside my brain, and releasing its powerful energy

To let it climb up a tree, and make a legend out of my life story!


Last night, I even made a puzzle, all by myself and it was done!

I made it so well, and I just followed directions until it was done!


I made that puzzle and didn't leave my post

Today I won't give failure a chance, and that type of option is just toast!



I just think, "I will believe in me!" As I keep on going

Then my body tingles, and I am shining and smiling


It feels like a split of a second, that I can finish my job

It is not even a wrinkle in time and now I can't stop


I think it's a miracle, because now I desire my life!

I am the most amazing kid in the world, because I can do more than just survive!


I aim high for life, and I know I can do everything

I even made a puzzle in a wrinkle of time, to make something out of nothing


I know I am smart, and life is so gorgeous

I can sharpen my mind, and every task is delicious


I feel amazing and no one can take that away

Because I aim high all by myself, even when the world tells you to sway


I aim high where there would be nothing, if I am not a part of that sky

I just tell myself, "Look talented kid! Keep learning and those skills will help you fly!"


Then when I look back in time, I will remember

How I am successful because I aim higher


Everyone will be so proud of me, and they will pat me on my back

I listen to everything I can achieve, and my dream of success becomes a fact


The skills I will sharpen will give me a future plan

I know accomplishment is my biggest fan


I maybe a kid now, but I am getting taller

This is why I aim higher!


The end. Just write.

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The Boy Who Knew Everything

~ Dedicated to Jonathan Brandis. I'm always going to be proud of you, kiddo. ~


I met a boy at school once, and he knew everything.


He thought everything was easy, and he made the hardest things become the simplest ideas.


One day he came to school with a picture of a tree.


The boy asked me, "Look at this picture, and tell me, what do you see?"


"I only see a tree," I told him. "But, what do you see?"


"I see a whole new life, and a whole new vision," said the boy.


"What do you mean? What else do you know?" I asked and wondered what it was that the boy saw in his visions.


 "I could see the future," said the boy.


"I believe you. I wish I could see the future too!" I told him, and he smiled at me.


He walked ahead of me and I never saw the boy again.


One day, I saw some people at school talking about him. I asked them, "Did you see the picture of the tree?"


A friend looked at me, and asked, "What do you mean? What tree? The boy was taken to a new school, with new friends. He said he could see the future."


The next few days, I saw his face on several newspapers, with the frontpage headline titled, BOY WONDER FOUND CURE TO THE FUTURE!


Everyone in the city spoke about him, and one man said, "He is a genius!"


THIS BOY IS A WONDER OF THE WORLD, printed the newspaper.


"But what did he see?? Could he fly? To the moon?" I asked some random people in the city.


"I think the boy could do anything, and see everything!" said a young man.


No one knew where he went, so I thought, "I hope he remembers me."


I minded my own life, but never met anyone like boy wonder since.


Years went by, and I often thought of him after the newspaper printed the story.  


My time at school was amazing, and wonderous things happened to me. 


I found the greatest things in my lunch box after school, and fresh apples on the seat of my bicycle, but there were no apple trees nearby.


I wondered, "Does someone know me? But, I am just a random kid at school."


One day, I found a little sparkling glass star, with a note that said, "You're famous!"


 There was also a picture of a tree on the seat of my bike, "Who left this here?"


My eyes moistened and I began to cry because I realized, someone loved me.


"I think, I know who this was from," I said to the clouds.


I rode my bike to the lake, and looked up to the sky with tears in my eyes.


I yelled at the top of my lungs, "I want Boy Wonder to fly to the moon! To the SKIES AND UP ABOVE!"


At that moment, I felt the future was the greatest thing, EVER!


I loved myself from then on, because I found out what the boy knew, and it was called, HOPE!


Not long after, I saw on the frontpage of a newspaper, a picture of him but a little taller.


The newspaper printed, BOY WONDER IS FLYING TO THE MOON.


I read the paper carefully and saw something wonderful on the picture.


Boy wonder had a button on his shirt of the same tree he drew at school, and underneath it was a message that said, "FOR MY FRIEND."



The end. Just write.











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My name is Anna.

My name is Anna, and I'm pretty.

But, right now I have dirt on my dress,

And my toes are all dusty with germs.


Earlier this morning, something happened.

Monsters told me I was ugly.

But, I didn't believe them!


When I came to school, I wore a flamingo pink dress,

With a pair of golden glittery shoes, and ruffled socks.

Everyone kept looking.



Inside my back pack was a bag of peanut butter cookies.

Homemade by Mom, but they're gone now.

Monsters ate them, and took my backpack away!


I knew, I could buy another backpack.

But, I saved those cookies for my walk to go home from school

Because I couldn't eat them during lunch.


Monsters stole them from me.

That was really mean!


I think those monsters were surprised .

That I knew how to count, read (out loud), and

Braided my silky black hair.


Those monsters told me, that if I didn't listen to them,

They would take away my backpack, shoes,

Throw dirt on me, and steal my socks?


My teacher said, "Anna, you are sharp,

And I know your heart could love."

So, I knew better, than to listen to monsters.


These monsters told me, to keep listening to them.

Especially today at lunch, and that's why I couldn't

Eat my Mom's homemade peanut butter cookies.


I wanted to eat Mom's cookies in peace.

The cookies only taste good when it's quiet.

Mom said, "Only in peace can you savor life's moments."


During Miss Pumpernickel's math lesson,

She gave us a test to see how smart we were.

And when I knew the answer, I raised my hand.


But those monsters kept counting on my flaws,

They pointed at my chubby cheeks, and

called me ODD ANNA and FAT ANNA


Those monsters didn't usually think before they talked.

I tried to learn quicker and think smarter,

So, they won't be able to keep me on their yard stick.


Miss Pumpernickel told me they couldn't see how pretty I was.

In the beginning of Miss Pumpernickel's class this morning,

She gave us a name tag, to make up silly names describing ourselves.


Some wrote funny names, and we laughed.

Some wrote pretty names, and we clapped our hands.

I felt I deserved to be original, therefore I was.


I wrote, "My name is Anna, and I am pretty."

Some smiled, but some became upset,

because I didn't follow directions.


The people who smiled at me, sat near me before class began.

They liked my hair, and braided it nicely.

The people who were upset, were the monsters who made fun of me.


Those monsters saw me walking to school with a lunch bag,

With my golden glittery shoes, and my hidden peanut butter cookies inside.

They said, they wanted my lunch!


I gave them my strawberry-kiwi juice, and my grilled cheese sandwich.

I kept my cookies for myself, because I wanted to save them for lunch.


These monsters kept calling me names, like "Annoying Anna,"

All they wanted was my lunch.

I never knew grilled cheese sandwiches were so popular.


It was all because I believed I was pretty.

Everyone wanted to know everything about me.

Even at lunch, everyone wanted what I had.


I realized those monster were the UGLY ones.

They took my shoes, put dirt on my dress, and my socks were gone,

My backpack, and cookies were stolen.


Those monsters spoke loudly about themselves.

As for me, "My name is still Anna, and I am pretty."


The End. Just write.

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Paxton was a boy who never ate his vegetables or fruits.


Paxton hated peas.


Paxton hated carrots and all of the eggplants in the world!


Paxton didn't care for grapes either.


One night, after a scrumptious macaroni and cheese dinner, Paxton went to bed happy.


But, Paxton did not eat his fruits or vegetables.


In his sleep, Paxton had a dream. He dreamt he was inside a garden.


In the garden, there were huge strawberries in baskets and shiny red apples dangled down from the apple trees.


Under an apple tree was a table with plates of chocolate dipped strawberries and caramel candied kiwis.


There were green broccolis in rows on the ground like flowers on a spring day.


Near the rows of broccolis on the ground, were broccolis on sticks covered with melted cheddar.


Paxton said, "Wow, it looks just as delicious as my macaroni and cheese dinner!"


Paxton took a stick of broccoli with melted cheddar and ATE one!




Watermelons burst from underground like rockets that were about to launch!


Red cabbages sprouted from the dirt in the garden and they bloomed like roses.


Artichokes with thistles of purple flowers blossomed nearby the cabbages.


Raspberries rained from the sky!


Paxton was surprised.


Paxton opened his palms and began collecting raspberries.


He put some raspberries in his pockets, and…Paxton ATE a raspberry!


Suddenly, …


Paxton was transported to a dining room, with a feast on the banquet table.


Pumpkin soup was on the table, next to the cherry pie that smelled like cotton candy.


Breaded cucumber sticks were arrayed on a plate.


Mashed potatoes inside a bowl with butter scented with delight.


Paxton took a cucumber stick, and ATE one!




Mango pudding appeared! Banana bread next.


Yellow bell peppers came out from the side of the walls.


"They look ready to be picked!" Paxton said.


Paxton picked a pepper and bit into it!





"THIS IS DIVINE!" Paxton said.


At that moment, an orange space ship made of baby carrots flew in front of his eyes!


Paxton thought, "Could I eat this, too?" He took a piece of its wings and Paxton ate a baby carrot!


His vision sharpened and he felt his legs became stronger.



Paxton grew six feet tall!


Paxton smiled as the carrot space ship began to fly higher and higher towards the ceiling.


Paxton had a bright idea, "I'm going to jump for a carrot!"


He knew he could reach the baby carrots because he was so tall!


He jumped to pick another baby carrot, and ATE one!


His eyes beamed a light and his skin began to glow.


He felt inside his brain was a glowing light so bright!


"I love vegetables!" he said loudly, as he floated up towards the ceiling with his long legs reaching the walls.


He was so happy, and yelled loudly, "I am an amazing kid! And I love vegetables and fruits!"


Suddenly,  … Paxton woke up.


He stood on his bed and yelled, "Vegetables and fruits will help my body grow stronger! So, I can fly!"


He also had another thought, "I wonder how eggplants came about?"


And, Paxton ate his fruits and vegetables ever since. 


The end. Just write.

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Jerome Jackson - In Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

~ Dedicated to Rep. Alma Adams, Dr. Richard Rysdam, DO., and all of the Black Infant Health Programs Staff and Team. With all of my respect and honor. I love you. ~


Jerome Jackson came home after school.


He felt his dark skin felt melted under the sun.


He yelled, "MAMA! I want to win people's hearts!"


Mama Jackson asked, "How will you do that, son?"


"I will give friends candies and hugs," Jerome replied.


"You have a big heart," Mama Jackson said.


Jerome looked around his house for some candies, and gathered them inside a plastic bag.


"Mama, do you think people will see me as strange?" Jerome Jackson asked.


"You are not strange," Mama Jackson answered back.


"Mama, what if people wonder why I love them," Jerome asked again.


"Tell them because you are lovely, just as you are," Mama Jackson answered and held


her son for a few minutes.


"Mama, I have enough hugs for everyone I know," Jerome yelled with happiness.


"Every soul always needs a hug," Mama Jackson smiled.


"But, what if people don't want my hugs?" Jerome Jackson worried.


"All you can do is own your part," Mama Jackson held Jerome's hands.


"Do you think they will notice my love?" Jerome asked.


"Sometimes, people won't notice," Mama Jackson honestly replied.


"And, about my candies and hugs?" Jerome wondered.


"Sometimes people won't see, even if it is in front of their eyes," Mama Jackson said.


"Why should I love them, Mama?"  Jerome asked.


"Love your heart first and foremost," Mama Jackson advised.


"It will hurt me, if they don't love me back," Jerome was afraid.


"Stay strong child, because I will always love you," Mama Jackson spoke from experience.


"What if they don't want me? How will I face them again?" Jerome worried.


"Keep your head up high," Mama Jackson lifted her son's spirit with wisdom.


"I will see these friends tomorrow," Jerome said, holding his bag of candies.


"Onward to the future, Jerome!" Mama Jackson told her son.


The next day, Jerome Jackson gave all of his candies and hugs at school.


Some friends smiled, and others hugged him back.


When Jerome Jackson came home, he yelled, "Mama, let's buy more candies!"


"Did you find love, Jerome?" Mama Jackson wondered.


"Hugs, and some love me back, Mama!" Jerome Jackson replied.


"Keep loving, child," Mama Jackson kissed her son.



The end. Just write.

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The Green Things I See

~Dedicated to Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, D.B.Weishampel & Family and Seth & Joshua Meyers, for your fresh creativity, voice, humor, and love. You're evergreen to me. ~


Sometimes, I wonder …

How come people like these green things we see?


It has leaves, with colors of green

They can turn murky brown, like the dirt on the ground


These green things can change their colors

When Autumn comes, and Summer is gone


It is strange, to see these green things grow

From the ground we step on


The funny thing is, all these green things ARE NOT MINE

Someone else made them, from a tiny seed


Because I use to think, maybe…

We can make them out of paprika, flour, pepper, or salt?


It turns out, the green things we see

Are the little green plants we need


To help us live in this planet we live on

And to help mother nature get stronger


Now, we can buy these plants, in a small cute pot

To help it grow and properly placed


I hear, the more plants we plant, means…

The more rain comes down, down, down


These green things can grow up

From that tiny seed to a fully grown tree!


Sometimes I see these green trees dance in the wind

When no one is aware


Some green things can even help people heal

While other green things we see are just BEAUTIFUL


These green things we see can bloom and grow

Blossoming into flowers, like roses, zinnias, and peonies


These green plants ARE something to build on

To help our lives and relax our minds


If the green things we see disappear,

Then oxygen will go away, too


People can't breathe properly, when we only need

To just splash some water on a tree


The world will become crowded

With green angry monsters, instead of green trees


We truly need these green things we see

Because, the green things we see help animals live


Like tiny aphids, pretty butterflies, and cute ladybugs

Or little snails, fat caterpillars, and swinging monkeys


I am now more aware, of why

People love the green things we see


Sold at the nearby stores, nurseries, and little markets

Groceries, local farms, and even in the computer


We need little green plants, for beautification

Of our minds, and to help us feel ALIVE


And …


One day, I too want to grow,

Like the green things we see


To become a fully grown tree

Strong, solid, and rooted to the soil


Growing tall, reaching the sky,

And I will be so surprised …


Am I just as beautiful, as the green things we see?


I will keep these green things in my memory

Of how I am also like a little tree


Then for some reason, I become beautiful,

just like the green things I see



The end.

Just write.

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