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The Fuel

My name is Anna.

My name is Anna, and I'm pretty.

But, right now I have dirt on my dress,

And my toes are all dusty with germs.


Earlier this morning, something happened.

Monsters told me I was ugly.

But, I didn't believe them!


When I came to school, I wore a flamingo pink dress,

With a pair of golden glittery shoes, and ruffled socks.

Everyone kept looking.



Inside my back pack was a bag of peanut butter cookies.

Homemade by Mom, but they're gone now.

Monsters ate them, and took my backpack away!


I knew, I could buy another backpack.

But, I saved those cookies for my walk to go home from school

Because I couldn't eat them during lunch.


Monsters stole them from me.

That was really mean!


I think those monsters were surprised .

That I knew how to count, read (out loud), and

Braided my silky black hair.


Those monsters told me, that if I didn't listen to them,

They would take away my backpack, shoes,

Throw dirt on me, and steal my socks?


My teacher said, "Anna, you are sharp,

And I know your heart could love."

So, I knew better, than to listen to monsters.


These monsters told me, to keep listening to them.

Especially today at lunch, and that's why I couldn't

Eat my Mom's homemade peanut butter cookies.


I wanted to eat Mom's cookies in peace.

The cookies only taste good when it's quiet.

Mom said, "Only in peace can you savor life's moments."


During Miss Pumpernickel's math lesson,

She gave us a test to see how smart we were.

And when I knew the answer, I raised my hand.


But those monsters kept counting on my flaws,

They pointed at my chubby cheeks, and

called me ODD ANNA and FAT ANNA


Those monsters didn't usually think before they talked.

I tried to learn quicker and think smarter,

So, they won't be able to keep me on their yard stick.


Miss Pumpernickel told me they couldn't see how pretty I was.

In the beginning of Miss Pumpernickel's class this morning,

She gave us a name tag, to make up silly names describing ourselves.


Some wrote funny names, and we laughed.

Some wrote pretty names, and we clapped our hands.

I felt I deserved to be original, therefore I was.


I wrote, "My name is Anna, and I am pretty."

Some smiled, but some became upset,

because I didn't follow directions.


The people who smiled at me, sat near me before class began.

They liked my hair, and braided it nicely.

The people who were upset, were the monsters who made fun of me.


Those monsters saw me walking to school with a lunch bag,

With my golden glittery shoes, and my hidden peanut butter cookies inside.

They said, they wanted my lunch!


I gave them my strawberry-kiwi juice, and my grilled cheese sandwich.

I kept my cookies for myself, because I wanted to save them for lunch.


These monsters kept calling me names, like "Annoying Anna,"

All they wanted was my lunch.

I never knew grilled cheese sandwiches were so popular.


It was all because I believed I was pretty.

Everyone wanted to know everything about me.

Even at lunch, everyone wanted what I had.


I realized those monster were the UGLY ones.

They took my shoes, put dirt on my dress, and my socks were gone,

My backpack, and cookies were stolen.


Those monsters spoke loudly about themselves.

As for me, "My name is still Anna, and I am pretty."


The End. Just write.

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