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The Fuel


Paxton was a boy who never ate his vegetables or fruits.


Paxton hated peas.


Paxton hated carrots and all of the eggplants in the world!


Paxton didn't care for grapes either.


One night, after a scrumptious macaroni and cheese dinner, Paxton went to bed happy.


But, Paxton did not eat his fruits or vegetables.


In his sleep, Paxton had a dream. He dreamt he was inside a garden.


In the garden, there were huge strawberries in baskets and shiny red apples dangled down from the apple trees.


Under an apple tree was a table with plates of chocolate dipped strawberries and caramel candied kiwis.


There were green broccolis in rows on the ground like flowers on a spring day.


Near the rows of broccolis on the ground, were broccolis on sticks covered with melted cheddar.


Paxton said, "Wow, it looks just as delicious as my macaroni and cheese dinner!"


Paxton took a stick of broccoli with melted cheddar and ATE one!




Watermelons burst from underground like rockets that were about to launch!


Red cabbages sprouted from the dirt in the garden and they bloomed like roses.


Artichokes with thistles of purple flowers blossomed nearby the cabbages.


Raspberries rained from the sky!


Paxton was surprised.


Paxton opened his palms and began collecting raspberries.


He put some raspberries in his pockets, and…Paxton ATE a raspberry!


Suddenly, …


Paxton was transported to a dining room, with a feast on the banquet table.


Pumpkin soup was on the table, next to the cherry pie that smelled like cotton candy.


Breaded cucumber sticks were arrayed on a plate.


Mashed potatoes inside a bowl with butter scented with delight.


Paxton took a cucumber stick, and ATE one!




Mango pudding appeared! Banana bread next.


Yellow bell peppers came out from the side of the walls.


"They look ready to be picked!" Paxton said.


Paxton picked a pepper and bit into it!





"THIS IS DIVINE!" Paxton said.


At that moment, an orange space ship made of baby carrots flew in front of his eyes!


Paxton thought, "Could I eat this, too?" He took a piece of its wings and Paxton ate a baby carrot!


His vision sharpened and he felt his legs became stronger.



Paxton grew six feet tall!


Paxton smiled as the carrot space ship began to fly higher and higher towards the ceiling.


Paxton had a bright idea, "I'm going to jump for a carrot!"


He knew he could reach the baby carrots because he was so tall!


He jumped to pick another baby carrot, and ATE one!


His eyes beamed a light and his skin began to glow.


He felt inside his brain was a glowing light so bright!


"I love vegetables!" he said loudly, as he floated up towards the ceiling with his long legs reaching the walls.


He was so happy, and yelled loudly, "I am an amazing kid! And I love vegetables and fruits!"


Suddenly,  … Paxton woke up.


He stood on his bed and yelled, "Vegetables and fruits will help my body grow stronger! So, I can fly!"


He also had another thought, "I wonder how eggplants came about?"


And, Paxton ate his fruits and vegetables ever since. 


The end. Just write.

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