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The Fuel

Jerome Jackson - In Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

~ Dedicated to Rep. Alma Adams, Dr. Richard Rysdam, DO., and all of the Black Infant Health Programs Staff and Team. With all of my respect and honor. I love you. ~


Jerome Jackson came home after school.


He felt his dark skin felt melted under the sun.


He yelled, "MAMA! I want to win people's hearts!"


Mama Jackson asked, "How will you do that, son?"


"I will give friends candies and hugs," Jerome replied.


"You have a big heart," Mama Jackson said.


Jerome looked around his house for some candies, and gathered them inside a plastic bag.


"Mama, do you think people will see me as strange?" Jerome Jackson asked.


"You are not strange," Mama Jackson answered back.


"Mama, what if people wonder why I love them," Jerome asked again.


"Tell them because you are lovely, just as you are," Mama Jackson answered and held


her son for a few minutes.


"Mama, I have enough hugs for everyone I know," Jerome yelled with happiness.


"Every soul always needs a hug," Mama Jackson smiled.


"But, what if people don't want my hugs?" Jerome Jackson worried.


"All you can do is own your part," Mama Jackson held Jerome's hands.


"Do you think they will notice my love?" Jerome asked.


"Sometimes, people won't notice," Mama Jackson honestly replied.


"And, about my candies and hugs?" Jerome wondered.


"Sometimes people won't see, even if it is in front of their eyes," Mama Jackson said.


"Why should I love them, Mama?"  Jerome asked.


"Love your heart first and foremost," Mama Jackson advised.


"It will hurt me, if they don't love me back," Jerome was afraid.


"Stay strong child, because I will always love you," Mama Jackson spoke from experience.


"What if they don't want me? How will I face them again?" Jerome worried.


"Keep your head up high," Mama Jackson lifted her son's spirit with wisdom.


"I will see these friends tomorrow," Jerome said, holding his bag of candies.


"Onward to the future, Jerome!" Mama Jackson told her son.


The next day, Jerome Jackson gave all of his candies and hugs at school.


Some friends smiled, and others hugged him back.


When Jerome Jackson came home, he yelled, "Mama, let's buy more candies!"


"Did you find love, Jerome?" Mama Jackson wondered.


"Hugs, and some love me back, Mama!" Jerome Jackson replied.


"Keep loving, child," Mama Jackson kissed her son.



The end. Just write.

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