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The Fuel

The Green Things I See

~Dedicated to Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, D.B.Weishampel & Family and Seth & Joshua Meyers, for your fresh creativity, voice, humor, and love. You're evergreen to me. ~


Sometimes, I wonder …

How come people like these green things we see?


It has leaves, with colors of green

They can turn murky brown, like the dirt on the ground


These green things can change their colors

When Autumn comes, and Summer is gone


It is strange, to see these green things grow

From the ground we step on


The funny thing is, all these green things ARE NOT MINE

Someone else made them, from a tiny seed


Because I use to think, maybe…

We can make them out of paprika, flour, pepper, or salt?


It turns out, the green things we see

Are the little green plants we need


To help us live in this planet we live on

And to help mother nature get stronger


Now, we can buy these plants, in a small cute pot

To help it grow and properly placed


I hear, the more plants we plant, means…

The more rain comes down, down, down


These green things can grow up

From that tiny seed to a fully grown tree!


Sometimes I see these green trees dance in the wind

When no one is aware


Some green things can even help people heal

While other green things we see are just BEAUTIFUL


These green things we see can bloom and grow

Blossoming into flowers, like roses, zinnias, and peonies


These green plants ARE something to build on

To help our lives and relax our minds


If the green things we see disappear,

Then oxygen will go away, too


People can't breathe properly, when we only need

To just splash some water on a tree


The world will become crowded

With green angry monsters, instead of green trees


We truly need these green things we see

Because, the green things we see help animals live


Like tiny aphids, pretty butterflies, and cute ladybugs

Or little snails, fat caterpillars, and swinging monkeys


I am now more aware, of why

People love the green things we see


Sold at the nearby stores, nurseries, and little markets

Groceries, local farms, and even in the computer


We need little green plants, for beautification

Of our minds, and to help us feel ALIVE


And …


One day, I too want to grow,

Like the green things we see


To become a fully grown tree

Strong, solid, and rooted to the soil


Growing tall, reaching the sky,

And I will be so surprised …


Am I just as beautiful, as the green things we see?


I will keep these green things in my memory

Of how I am also like a little tree


Then for some reason, I become beautiful,

just like the green things I see



The end.

Just write.

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