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The Fuel

Serving, Breathing, Writing...Forever

There was never a formula, but I found one for myself. No need to follow, just humor me. 


There would be a point in time when harmony coalesced into your routine in life, that one couldn't ignore it. Just do it!


With me, I found the homeless care work I dedicated my whole life to, became a journey of transformation and love. The healing was irreplaceable that I won't be able to give it up. Slowly, the racism that I was subjected to dissipated with the many hours of loving others of diverse races, religions, cultures and backgrounds. With the homeless, the reciprocity of love became a cycle, as the suffocation and traumas disappeared. The burden lifted itself up as I lifted up the burdens of others. Serving healed me.


The breathing came next as I helped myself, exhaling in and out, tuning in with the presence of my belief and my faith. I meditated with breathing, living with breathing, healing through it. I won't be able to get on without it. Breathing in,...peace be with me, ....exhaling out....peace be with my life. Breathing served its purpose synergistically with my need to serve others while helping others gain solace and wisdom. I took those sentiments from others, their gratitude, their sorrows, their perspectives and experiences as they worked itself through me and empathized with my heartaches. The divine thrusted a spirit of wholeness within me. Breathing blessed me.


Writing paced me. It created a tempo that wounds in cycles each day, routinely, without judgements or confusion. It was as organic as the cycle of the day and time. Writing kept me alive as my whole life faced forward and I won't fall down to the negativities and pessimisms that often bombarded my mind so brutally. The illness subsided as providence entered into my mind, heart, soul, spirit, and life. The impurities excreted on paper as the ink touched the grains of fibers, so my soul's sufferings came out with it. My tears often followed as I understood the origin of my creative process. I gained consciousness, stories, ideas as writing kept me alive.


Serving, breathing, writing. Just write....forever.

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