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The Fuel

An Education

Coming through a week full of Coronavirus fears made me anxious. But, in the middle of Tuesday last week, I attended Peter Reynolds's talk on his new picture book, Be You. It was an education.


His theory of how everyone was an author of life, made me realize that my writing made me an author. Perhaps I was grandiose in dreams, but no one could stop me. 


In Be You, I was educated. Peter Reynolds's writing educated me.


I was born to be so many things, yet, I became who I have been thus far, and it was okay.


Writing taught me so many things, and it never stopped teaching. I found new things to be thankful for, from my own writing, as well as others. 


From Peter's book, I realized that he was my kindred spirit, and my adventurous side soared with us. I was not afraid to live a big life, inside my book, and slowly but surely in reality, too. I was always reserved, but with my writing, my voice and resilience showed. It taught me to Be Me.


Just Write.



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