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The Fuel

Revitalizing through P.L. Tavers

As I practice self-quarantine at home, I picked up P.L. Tavers's Mary Poppins. It revitalized me.


Her writing has a lesson and learning tool attached to it, from the dialogues, attitudes and the voice. The story was meant to be entertaining and this urban fantasy classic was so dear to my heart. 


Her writing gave me a way to reflect on my own craft, of how I attached attitude and voice to create a memorable character for my stories. Both as an entertainment and as a tool for children to relate back into their lives, Mary Poppins gave us a disciplinarian in a book, and fun in a story. Mary Poppin's attitude revitalized my self-quarantine life at this moment, and it was fun.


From now on, I will learn to attach not just voice to our palate but attitude to the character. Not just for kicks, but for children to see the characters come alive. 


P.L.Tavers has always been one of my favorites, and she will remain to be one of my greatest teachers.


Just Write.


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