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The Fuel

My 15 tonight.

What does the world expect in 15 minutes? It's 15 minutes of unexpected suprise to me, of dancing words choreographed into story. It's not a moment of boredom, instead for 15 minutes, I shine in my own light and in the eyes of God. Fifteen minutes of bliss from the working day and stresses that proves to create a sadness often times taking too much of my own time. Fifteen minutes of love, of self-care, and of solace that I can spend to forgive the unforgiving.


What 15 minutes for them is not my business, but what's mine is mine. I claim it and 15 minutes of stage in the world of playwrights, geniuses and random people. Fifteen minutes of fame on the pages of my own life, not the world, but my world. Fifteen minutes of song from the spirit that is lifted up with each typed letters turned into kindness to my being. 


Fifteen should spend time on thirty, but if 15 is all I get, then 15 of pleasure I shall have. I don't doubt others can do better, but I know others can do none in 15 minutes that they should perhaps do some 15 minutes of love for themselves. Fifteen is plenty for a busy mind if things to say even with nothing to prove. Fifteen minutes of mess and incoherence turns into brilliance if 15 minutes is well spent each day and with nothing to gain but discipline. Fifteen minutes is so much worth it, because if half an hour turns from 15 minutes, then BAM, it was fifteen more of bliss I gain.


Fifteen more I want every night, but my tired eyes and body from labor causes sleep that I desperately need. Fifteen more each day and I can make it last a lifetime, as some 15 minutes of life can create joy never ending. Fifteen minutes on a page for me means 15 minutes of thought that I put down to please myself and no one else so my story lives with 15 minutes of glory. Fifteen minutes seems so short because I need time to revise and edit, but I am only given 15 minutes to free write non-stop with no pause. Timing is everything, and fifteen minutes of life to produce a mind that works within seconds means the synapses are working.


Fifteen minutes is the time for renewal each night, where my thoughts jots down through my fingers without prejudices for my own sins. I dwell sometimes that I tire easily and I wound my mind non-stop that it overwhelms me, but for 15 minutes I can stop and tell myself it is okay to just write nothing yet everything for 15 minutes. I am timing myself but 15 minutes feels like pressure with time so I stop looking at the watch, and it is now, three minutes over.


Fifteen minutes was up!

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