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The Fuel

Fear and writing

Fear comes to me as I write my work that percolates from daily thoughts. The fears of being persecuted for the words on my blog and the words of my novel of what I experienced from traumas. I push through the barriers with knowledge that although I am weak, the Lord's purpose shall prevail. 


It can come through the struggles, but the fears are gone once I can see small moments of suprising joy. Joy reminds, as it is from a source of unrelenting wisdom and strength. I am once again moving forward through the fear and doubts, of never amounting to anything, writing in the dark with tears in my eyes from broken dreams.


It might be that I am writing out of loneliness, and the fear is a subplot to the story of my life. But, what is to come is not loneliness in my life nor the fear as they are just another thought that can be gone with a modicum of spiritual nourishment. A verse, a small sentence, a film, a radio station, a conversation and a hug from a friend. Fears be gone and fears no more. Joy conquers the debilitating fears.


The sentence of my life doesn't depend on my fears, or the sentiments of others who disliked me from the past of where the fears once comes from. It has to come from the soul, the will to fight another day and the willingness to be open to new adventures with an unflinching faith as the skies above. That's what can conquer my fears, the powerful possibilities.


What is to come shall not be writings of fears, or discouragement, or doubts and deaths. That's all the enemy's language and we don't speak the same. I speak reality, truth, love, hope, faith, joy, discernment, camaraderie and courage. Those are my love languages, and my expression of writing. Fear and writing don't exist in the same matrix, as it is writing towards death. Writing is alive and well, and it is a process of life. Not hopelessness, never.


Just write. No Fear.

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