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The Fuel

A new beginning

It has always been an invitation, the blank page misconstrued to be a device to intimidate writers. But, it's never a harmful object, instead a welcoming sign to unload burdens, to divulge secrets, to tell stories, to share thoughts and to empathize emotions. 


It's a way to live out your dreams, and to make adventures come alive. The life that I wish I had or that I wish I can lead, the fantasy, the struggles, and the joys, can all come out and play; and for once, it is the way that it should be. No one can tell you otherwise or prevent your thoughts from creating its worlds. You are allowed to write. You are allowed to create and believe. The blank page is yours, forever, and it says, "Come as you are, and share your stories."


The best way I know how is to sit with a pen or type my heart out, while sipping my jasmine tea with crackers and strawberry jam. Perhaps small slices of cheese or tiny mozzarella pearls with cherry tomatoes, either way, its all pleasureable and never intimidating. It may be a hobby, but it is a loving past time.


The way of life is to enjoy the small moments and don't become a curmudgeon that you won't share your joys or even your angers and indifference. You are allowed to write anything and everything as you please, just do it with that blank piece of paper or a new word file. 


I love the stories I create because it fuels my heart's desires, the ones that are often not allowed in real life or was truncated somehow. I get to share them and write them out to finish them to its final destination, and finish with the dream conclusion that makes me feel beautiful inside. 


The life I lead is not always so pretty, and as a matter of fact, imperfect. Yet, on these pages, I create other imperfect lives that I identify with but it has a different ending, to give justice on my behalf or those who I meet. It might be raw, but it's not to jeapordize anyone's lives, rather a way to give an experience, an entertainment, and a story that moves you. 


I never claim to be a writer genius or aim to be one, but the invitation from the blank pieces of paper fuels my confidence. Mao Tse Tung once said that the blank page is a paper tiger that moves as an elixir to create a revolution. To me, the blank page is a sign of love, a creation waiting to be, a birth, a new life, a new beginning, a start, and a wonderful way to give my heart to others. Sappy as it may sound, it is better than the intimidation people talk about. The blank page is a friend, and it always will be.


Just write.

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