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The Fuel

The Voodoo that Doughnuts do.

July in 2019 was about Voodoo Doughnut on Colfax with beloved co-workers. The voodoo of those doughnuts made a memory worthwhile during this time of social distancing and the pandemic. Witchcraft through your gut, the doughnuts were.


Bacon covered, Oreo crisps, Gummi Worms, or plain glazed, those doughnuts brought camaraderie for me and co-workers. Good memories do last forever, and it was a fun time cherished this morning as I craved for a Pink Glazed Doughnut with sprinkles, The Homer, my favorite. Light pink glazed over a fried dough with sugar sprinkles, the confection reminded me of fairies and flowers. So girlie. 


There was also a Molten Lava Doughnut when I went to Voodoo, with red and orange melted sugars over fried dough and grounded nuts sprinkled on top. The Fruit Loops Doughnuts looked crazy, with white frosting and fruit loops cereal but it wasn't appetizing to me because cereal was a class on its own. Mixing cereal and doughnuts meant the same to me as mixing oatmeal with ice cream. I didn't like the Fruit Loops Doughnuts...it was too fruity.


The Old Dirty Bastard was fun to look at but I think it might be conducive for a Gastric Bypass. It was a regular doughnut, with chocolate frosting topped with crumbled Oreo Cookies and Peanut Butter glaze. Yeah, I had a heart attack while salivating.


What I ate was a plain glazed doughnut a year ago, even through all those black magic sugar overload in my eyes. It was a boring choice, but it was a safe choice, like choosing a sandwich over liver curry. But, the next day, I went for The Homer, that tasted divine after sitting in the refrigerator.


The Voodoo that Doughnuts do. Just Write.


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