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The Fuel

Fuel or no fuel, just write.

As fresh soapy water on my dirty dishes, writing cleanses my soul. Days might be hard and tires my bones, but writing gives me stamina to keep going. Nothing dangling in front of me as if catnip is the treat for this kitten, but no one is paying me. I just want to keep going. I need to keep going. 


One day at a time for my 15 calms the chaos inside my erratic brain. Writing out of sync with the world, writing out of nothing, writing out of hope or writing out of depression, it fuels me. I don't have to ask for permission, just go, just write. Everyone is allowed to and I'm one who takes advantage of that license and privilege. It is free and freedom, and healthy.


Write slow or fast depends on content and what may cross my mind, and it might be out of the present reality, or not. It just goes, and no slowing down, at pace, in tempo and without judgement. Moment by moment rebel theology, not witchcraft, just my own opinions on the page. No one has to agree and no one has to disagree, just read it for fun and 15 minutes of free write harms none.


Creation is a gift one must take for good and bad, so on good days, write on. On bad days, keep writing and let the freewill flow as literature against the despair. Write for a better tomorrow but I must write for today as for writing today will write my tomorrow. Keep at it, keep steady and don't let the crazies tell you to stop. They want no progress, but I yearn for growth and my 15 is growing me tall and steady.


Fuel or no fuel, just write.  


What people tell you to do, take with the flavor it comes it. Consider the source and take it for its worth, but don't stop. Write on, live on, breathe on, forever. Never stop believing and never stop dreaming, for those qualities creates stories that tells. All of the sadness and hopelessness won't stop me from working my imagination and it is well with my soul. 


Can someone without friends write? Why not? It creates friendships. Writing comes in tribes and they are all creative geniuses. Maybe one will say something awkward, but that discomfort makes magic as it gives me a scene, a dialogue and more mortar for my layers of stories. Nothing wrong with it, they should know better.


Fifteen of nothing gives me everything to write about. Just write.

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