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The Fuel

Lady Liberty

What dreams may come during the night of peaceful slumber. Inside my mind, was a winding film with endless memories. It played a scene of a journey I never had before. 


In a silky light blue dress with layers trailing, I walked along a path inside a forest, with sequioas along the trail. Tall grasses swaying in the breeze as I walked and saw Lady Liberty in front of me. She met me before inside my dreams, but that was New York, and this time it was a different dream.


"Would you hold me, if I fall?" I asked her, her towering figure shading my path as she walked alongside me, towards a broader street, with a fountain, as if a city was ahead. "You won't fall. Stay positive. No suicide, no lonelyness, no suffering. Stay in the path," said Lady Liberty.


She held my right hand and we walked towards a domed building with a golden top, St. Paul's Cathedral, and we stood at the entrance, in Central London. Lady Liberty took my hand to her heart, and asked, "Do you want me to walk with you inside?" I nodded, and told her, "Don't leave, I want you to stay with me, forever." Her statuesque figure that towered over me shrunk to my height, and told me, "I am a woman, I understand," she said. 


I walked with her, and we entered the cathedral, as I looked to my right side and the prayer candles lighted the dark. I told Lady Liberty, "I need to write a prayer request." I took the small piece of paper on top of a small box to the wall near the candles, and wrote, "For me to have love and joy in life."


The sunshine from the sky bore through the stained glass windows, as I noticed far across the room towards the front pews stood a cross of gold much ahead of me. I walked towards the cross, with courage, as Lady Liberty let go of my hand and touched my shoulders, "This time, you must walk alone." She sat on the back pews near the candles, waiting for me to walk up to the golden cross. She knelt down and prayed for me. 


Writing out my dreams. Just write. 

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