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The Fuel

Trail running.

The rocks on the soil gives into the Earth as my sneakers steps one foot in front of the other, pacing with my music. Running on the grainy and cracked ground is succor to my soul. The pebbles won't lead to a fall and the friction gives a chance to solidify the muscles striations forming on my calves. It is worth the endurance and my stamina keeps me going. 


The weeds on the trail are now as tall as me, with large sunflowers and leafs the size of my palms. There is no creek, but the path gives me a way to cope and leads me to a healthy life. The forgiving trail loves everyone, the weary, the mentally ill, the hopeful, the criminals and those who just needs a walk away from the city. 


Trails like these makes me a faster runner, although at times I stop from the heat inside my body, almost out of breath but not out of hope. I love trail running, eventhough I am no expert on any trails or any sport. The acceptance from the trail makes me feel loved and I gain energy and peace of mind.


Don't run with a motive, just do it. Pace, one step at a time, and let the trail lead you to a focus on the journey. Even if you run for an hour like me, or for ten hours like some, the trail is sanguine and wonder. Keep sweating and keep running, keep loving and keep writing. Life won't stop and neither should I and neither should you.


Time feels fast when I run on these trails and although my feet often drags from the small grating rocks underneath my feet, I ignore the pain. I don't want to stop because I deserve to keep running. Nothing matters on these trails, and the ground allows for trading sorrows. Let your tears flow and let your mind chatter with your lips professing in verse, no one is listening. Your secrets are safe on these trails. 


Steady on and steady state, with your feet stepping and bouncing over the Earth, the soil is happy to have me. I am with joy as I power up my life, bending my knees slightly as each foot steps wholesomely, and lifts up in sprints. Life is to be a journey and so is health, and these trails keeps my stamina alive.


Just write. 

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