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The Fuel

The Future is BRIGHT

The future is bright. The journey so far, aside from those of the five million who were infected from the Coronavirus, must have felt as the elephant's ton. We have to trust that there has always been a way out, and it won't disappear. It may not always look like a window, or a door. We should be cognizant that it may appear in the most abject form of poverty, or from those who were ridiculed, raped, beaten, or shamed. We need to recognize that the future, due to the unhealthy past, might not be perfect and may not be model beautiful, or a Harvard grad, it might just be you.


The future is bright. Considering how broken we all felt for the past six months or the past twenty years as I felt, we should welcome healing from all directions and become smarter in eyeing the love and optimism. The help was there, but we never appreciated it because we believed the wrong people. The corruption has to stop because I felt the world became tired and it fought us back. Nature was a mother, and she felt violated, and she deserves healing.


The future is bright. Why won't it be? We have geniuses who were born in the midst of the pandemic, and those who were grown adults, creating vaccines, and fought wars of all wars. We were warriors and will always be. The battle was tough wasn't it? It kept on for a while now, and might be on for a bit more, but you will be strong. You will make it through. You were meant to.


The future is bright. The sun was angry and turned on us, with the wind turning cyclones with thunders and lightning, but we all embraced the sun, and the moon, and the clouds came with the soft rain. Glory with a crawl as Dr. Martin Luther King also said, "...If you can't run, walk. If you can't walk, crawl....," so we crawled and we will crawl for a while, because unemployment won't just end tomorrow. We will work together.


The future is bright. We won't be destroyed and I sure won't be, because I deserved my triumphs, and my life with restoration. My destiny was not the world's to begin with, and neither was yours. Keep steady, keep going, keep living, and keep studying.


Keep writing. The future is bright. 


Just write.

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