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The Fuel

Giuseppe Baptiste

Rexies or not, I had to end the conversation. She was beautiful, but I fear The New Order.


After the White Plaque, every nation gathered together and a majority of nations in the world, such as all countries in South America, China, Korea, all of Russia and Africa and United States of America decided to follow The New Order. To synthesize a new method for the betterment of human kind, of a human race that were in political aggreement as the world watched the whole world diverged into parts. Some countries decided to become neutral, such as Norway and Switzerland, Fiji and Australia and some smaller islands nations in the Pacific, but most countries wanted to become a part of The New Order Regime. 


The leader chosen was Giuseppe Baptiste, because he could blink in morse code and every word he uttered in speeches became eloquent and graceful. Besides speaking in free verse, he was fluent in Shakespeare and plays the violin. He was a small man with a huge mind and futuristic ideals, and all policemens and policewomen loved him. He was part Italian and French and a descendant of an African Merchant from Nairobi, Kenya. He was a jewel to the world and he had blue eyes, which was recessive since the White Plaque decimated most blue-eyed individuals since they were more easily infected due to genetic recessiveness. Some of these amusing changes baffled me when I learned from my Father, but these things happened, and all kids were taught to fear The New Order.


The New Order desires to advance the world through the ideals of those in their circle. To advance The New Order was to advance the human race. To please its circles of allies was the goal of The New Order, and those who were its citizens must work to please the generations of their progenies and their parties, otherwise, one must be forced to emigrate to the coldness of The North Pole and build a new community there to start anew.


These were the days of my life.


Just write.

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