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The Fuel

Evening thoughts

Little girls will dance on the streets. Pink ruffles skirts and rainbow socks, with the clouds in the blue sky over us all.


The sun shall rise on the East and sunsets on the West. Faithfully, the sun won't disappear as you sometimes felt in mid-day sadness.


The birds will chirp on branches in the morning, and they will serenade us on our walks in life.


Once, time felt surreal. With the death toll surpassing 27 million in mid-September from a new viral infection. The changes it brought took lives and cost us our economy.


This too will one day be over, if we could look above. Knowing that the same stars at night were there when the wheel was first invented, or when lepers walked the streets of the world.


What time brought hasn't been comfortable and took some of the best people to a place beyond this Earth. But, where would we be if we didn't look at the sky, the sun, the stars and the clouds and bare with the ever changing weather, as summer changes to fall and winter comes to blossom into spring.


Time tested us all, and time tested us still. It won't let us be subject to stagnant progress, for each passing day all of life furthers on, and won't let us be still.


Just write.

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