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The Fuel

Hypafix and bandages

"Did you see a symbol of some sort?" I asked Karina. "When they assaulted you, and got you pregnant...did you remember anything else?"


"They had a machete and a fire sign. It was black and tattooed on their arms. There were two of them and they had a car," Karina said. 


"Was it the same truck sized car we saw earlier?" Rambo asked her. "Only government men owned them."


"It was a large car, black, but I don't know much about cars. I just know it was big," Karina said. 


"How were you found by them? Why did you run away from the shelter?" I asked. Most of the orphans who ran away would run to the homeless shelters, but they would almost always meet someone who would help in some sort of way. Not always harmful, but always helpful. 


"I couldn't stand the dirty place. It stunk and it wasn't clean," Karina said. "I felt better outside, sleeping in the street corners or under the bridge. That's why most run aways go outside. Nothing personal."


"But it got you in trouble," Rambo said. "How did they find you?"


"I asked for help from them, and they took me into a building. They said they would be careful, but I didn't know why and I am young, so I thought they'd give me to social services again. But, they didnt. They hurt me," said Karina. She looked towards the twins, Boris and Betina, who were both asleep in their diapers. Karina looked to me and asked me, "Was this all my fault?"


"Definitely NOT!" I answered almost in a jolt of suprise, because that was the last thing I wanted to hear. "This whole thing is THEIR FAULT." This was so typical of The New Order, hurting the meek and vulnerable to gain powers and control. Since the fall of the royals and democracy, the republic became The New Order, and all of the allies of those controlling powers became a strong unifying demon of powerful men and women who abuse their powers to do everything they want against the morales of the people. They would often use control and injustice to manipulate the system to let their own types of men and women into the authoritarial government, and proliferate violence. I just hated The New Order, and those men were inhumane to Karina.


Rambo looked outside to the window, almost in catatonia. He gets that way when he doesn't know what to do. 


"Rambo, clean her wound," I told him. I took my shoulder bag from outside, and unzipped it to take out the bandages. "The wound must have seeped. It's about two hours. Rambo, are you listening to me?"


He looked slowly to my face, and asked me, "How will we do this?"


"Take it one day at a time," I said, focused on the bandages and cutting some Hypafix tape. I looked under Karina's shirt, and asked her, "Karina, is it okay if I take a look. I need to see if it seeped in."


The blood seeped into the cloth bandage, and I took out some of the ointment and took off the bandage slowly. "Rambo, wash your hands, and get this ointment and just put it on her gash."


Rambo went to the restroom and washed his hand, and walked back and knelt in front of Karina. She winced at the pain from the bandage being taken off because it almost stuck to her wound. Rambo took the ointment and held it inside his hand. 


"Let me wash my hands," I said, standing up and quickly going to the restroom to wash my hand, and coming back out to give Rambo some instructions. "Take this cloth first, and soak the blood slowly on her gash."


Rambo palpated Karina's gash with the cheese cloth, and let it soak her blood. "Then put on this ointment?" Rambo asked.


"Yup, slowly and gently," I said. Karina didn't look afraid, she closed her eyes and sat torso up on her knees on the floor. "Karina, just lay down for a moment and relax." She laid down, letting me hold her shirt up from covering the wound. 

Rambo took the ointment and put a slither of it on the gash. "It's cooling, what is it?" Karina asked. 


"Its a combination of the old neosporin and chamomile aloe, with some anti-viral compound," I told her. "It still works for first aid. It's better than putting aspirin for two hours. It will help but this way, it will dry up and get rid of the infection, in case there was some."


Rambo took the bandage and put a small square of it on the gash and put on the Hypafix over it. Karina looked calm, and that eased me, with a soft breath of release. Rambo inhaled deep and exhaled out a breath of relief. 


Rambo caressed Karina's silky black hair, and told her, "Just take a nap for a while, sis. You must be tired."


"Jake, what about the babies?" Karina asked me. I looked to Boris and Betina and they were both sound asleep. 


"Let's get you a nap with them, and I will watch outside," I told Karina. "Rambo, get the bicycle from outside and put it behind the house. We can't attract anymore attention."


"Yeah, I shouldn't have rode it here, but we needed to get hurrying," Rambo said. He walked outside to put the bicycle away.


I knelt to Karina and kissed her forehead. "Sleep tight for now. There is a lightbulb shortage and a cheddar and macaroni shortage too. So we have to figure out how to get us some supplies to stay alive for you to live here."


Karina nodded, and turned her body to sleep on the ground on her hands as pillows.


I sighed and closed my eyes for a moment. The stress got to me, and this wasn't even an online class.


Just write.  

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