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The Fuel

Who is Giuseppe Baptiste and The New Order Regime?

"Karina, are you okay?" asked Rambo. "How are you feeling? You can talk to us about it."


"Rambo, you and Jake were the only two people who believed me. If it wasn't for Boris or Betina, and my ragged clothes, you won't have taken me seriously," Karina said. 


"I'm happy you hid while you were pregnant," I told her. "I'm happy you survived."


"In this country, everyone believe the rich and privileged. Even after knowing I am the last of the Ting Dynasty, it didn't matter to anyone. We weren't Tier 1," Karina said. 


"How did The New Order men murder your parents?" Rambo asked. "You never told me."


"A schoolmate told The New Order men because she hated me. I didn't want to share my homework," Karina said. 


"That was it? Over a silly homework that she hated you for, so she told them to hurt your family?" Rambo asked.


Karina nodded. I could tell from her face that her loss was so deep and grave because of the loss of her parents and her own dignity, and now she bore the children of the men who assaulted her.


"As human beings, we need to question Giuseppe Baptiste and The New Order Regime. Why he is our leader, and how he got there in the first place and who were the people who got him there. The New Order men destroyed the royals and first families, to gain control. Economic control, human rights control, health and well being of everyone. But, was it worth the killing and the destructions to gain control only to give it to one man whose vernacular is vague and incongruent with humanity, colorful with slander against the royals and respectable families, full of abuse against the poor? But, the world is so blind to support him because he blinks morse codes and seduces us with Biblical knowledge he claims to understand? Why Giuseppe Baptiste and The New Order Regime?" Karina spoke with sincere ingenuity and passionate curiosity. "It was the violence that got them to the top and it will continue to go on if the victims are silenced. Why do people believe The New Order men in the first place? Because they have cars and guns? Money and fame? They never deserved it, because they violated me." 


"I can't even ride my bicyle," Rambo said, equally upset as Karina.


"It wasn't the people's choice, it was forced upon us, because nations in the world supported him. Leaders of the free world supported him, who helped him rose to power. They spoke the same language and believed in the same ideals, and they didn't give room for authentic justice and humanity," I said. "It was a hostile takeover. It wasn't pretty, Karina. It happened long ago, before you were born. Father told me."


"It's true," my Father said, his right hand cupping his chin.


"You know a lot for a twelve year old, Karina," Rambo said. "I'm happy you understand who Giuseppe Baptiste is. I never liked him in the first place. He's been in reign for a very long time."


"It didn't take long for me to know. As soon as I was assaulted. I knew it was more than just a jealous schoolmate. It was my lineage, my whole being, and their desire to own my life and control me. It was abuse," Karina said. "I was really hurt, and now, no one but you two believed in me. Under Giuseppe Baptiste, I will always be a statistic and I won't be able to gain justice," Karina said.


"What do you want to do?" my Father asked. 


"I want to expose The New Order men, and Giuseppe Baptiste," Karina said. 


"That's what I want too," Rambo said. "I'm emancipated and I doubt that I will ever be Tier 1. It was tied to my journey of life, because I was born when Giuseppe Baptiste decided that everything had to benefit The New Order Regime."


"How will we convince the world? How will the rest of the world know the things I've gone through?" Karina asked.


"The same way The New Order men control the world. Through media and language, except....," I said, in contemplation about a strange plan. A plan devious, but non-violent, sharp and crafty, understandable and poignant.


"Son, I need to call a friend," my Father said. He dialed his wrist phone. "Hologram, give me Dana."


The hologram dialed to Dana Zudecki, a retired soldier for The New Order, in the same regiment as those who overthrew The Laotian government and gained a new territory for Giuseppe Baptiste.


"Sean! How are you? I'm in Brazil, enjoying Rio deJaneiro. It's beautiful out here," Dana said. The background was on the blue ocean, with him sipping a coconut juice from its shell.


"Code Jasmine. Seal 6. It's real," said my Father.


"What? Are you serious? We have a lost descendant? How old?" Dana asked, his voice deepened.


"Twelve. Prodigy," my Father said.


Just write. 

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