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The Fuel

Go get some rest.

My Father spoke to Dana in the other room, at times in aggreement in yeahs and other times, I heard and I don't know. He came out of his bedroom within fifteen minutes, and back to the dinner table with us.


Karina was overwhelmed, as she sat in silence eating her pasta in the dark with us beside her.


"I'm sorry for these questions, Karina. You should rest in my room," I told her. Our eyes couldn't look to her face, as she laughed and replied, "I'm a member of a lost dynasty, but tyrants now want to abuse my body and my womb to control the rest of the world."


My eyes moistened and my heart was torn apart, because that was exactly what the men did to Karina. Rambo finished his dinner and walked to the sink and washed his dishes. "They've done this since slavery years, and for a moment in time, we were equal in our life, but it took a very long time. Now the devil found another way to abuse his powers, and now everyone is in on it," said Rambo.


"Karina, finish your dinner, and I will fix my room for you," I told her. I walked to the hallway and to the room ahead of me, next to my Father's, on the right. The window shades were still open, and my computer was shut down from the blackout. I took off the sheets, and put on a new one, and replaced the pillow covers, then took my blankets and shook it. I folded the blanket and walked back to the dinner table. Karina was still sitting at the dinner table with my Father, as they both drank their waters.


Boris and Betina cried, and became fussy again, needing attention.


Rambo looked to me, and then to Karina, and said, "Karina, go get some rest. Let's go to Knox tomorrow for your babies."


My Father took the crying babies, and brought them to my room. I took Karina with me, and gave her a big hug. "It's okay," I said. "I've never had a sister before, but I think you're one I can love forever." Karina tore apart inside my hug, and sobbed. She sat on my bed, and my Father placed the babies on the bed next to her. "Don't move too much when you're sleeping. We only have one bed," I told her. "My Dad needs his sleep for the hospital work. Rambo and I will sleep outside on the sofa."


"Thank you, Jake," said Karina, wiping her tears, as my Father opened the swaddle of the towels, letting the babies breathe. He placed them on the top of the bed, without pillows, and caressed their foreheads. I handed the pillows to Karina for her small body to sleep on.


"Good night, Karina," my Father said, as the babies calmed down and Karina was beside them. They wanted their Mommy.


I walked with my Father out of the bedroom, and closed the door behind us. We walked to the dining room where Rambo was, and sat down at the dinner table together.


"What do you want to do?" my Father asked. "I need Dana's help on this. To cover me."


"We need supplies for the babies, and for Karina," Rambo said. "She can't possibly breast feed."


"Jake, buy some foods for the newborns at Knox," my Father said. "We have to make sure she's not too sad to care for the babies."


"We need to help her," I said. "She's barely a teen."


"We have to expose Giuseppe Baptiste and The New Order Regime," said Rambo.


"I agree," I said. "They are not allowed to hurt vulnerables, or even Tier 2 or 3. They're not allowed to hurt even the homeless or anyone. They only care about their own regime, and whose lives they own."


"The New Order Regime is based on corruption, violence and abuse. We do need to do something," my Father said.


"Let's talk to Dana tomorrow," I said.


"Let's get some rest tonight. Just relax, and think over somethings, before we plan on the process," my Father said.


"Okay. Is it okay with me here, Mr. O'Connor?" Rambo asked.


"If the sofa is okay for you and Jake for tonight, then it's okay with me," my Father said.


"Rambo, ...I really want to thank you," I said. "If it wasn't for you. She would have died, and so would the babies."


"No problem, we're in this together," Rambo said.


It was almost 7 pm.


Just write.

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