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The Fuel

Death to The New Order

My thoughts went back to our online classes and how I must have missed a whole day of lessons, and so did Rambo. My Father left with Karina to Banner, and I felt bad for including my own Father into my revolution.


"Who cares?!" I yelled to myself. "This revolution has to start with me!" 


My fingers searched for my wrench inside my toolbox under my bed, as Rambo searched for my solar bag inside the hallway closet. 


"What does it look like?" Rambo asked, scavanging amongst shoes and jackets.


"Large, rectangular, black with silver heat resistant stripes inside of it," I replied. 


"I think I found it. It's this one," said Rambo, holding up a medium sized 30x30 inch bag with black vinyl and polyester lines.


"Yeah, fold it, and we're off," I told him, as I found my three inches convertible wrench that folds into three parts. "When we get to Colfax, just climb off each light and we take every single one."


Rambo and I got out the front door, and went through the door like normal people, and walked down Colfax, all the way towards Colorado.  Capitol Hill was silent, even with people walking and the old courthouse has been abandoned since The New Order came into office. The only offices that were busy were the transportation building with the old sign that said "The Denver Post," where there were once journalists working for the people. Nothing like that existed since The New Order, because Giuseppe Baptiste was the news, and the media team worked inside the transportation building. They were our next target.


"First light," I said.


Rambo climbed onto the top of the old postman street light, and with my wrench, we unscrewed the cap that was put on to install the solar cells inside the lights since The New Order came to power. We took off the cap, and took out the solar cell from inside the light bulb. We did it in thirty seconds flat, and no one cared. Everyone walked slowed since The New Order came to power, because there were less power in politics, and less powers in economics, and less powers in the people. Everything moved at an automatic pace, with everyone in their Tiers, walking or riding their Rexies, and socializing within their Tier Groups. No one bothered to question anyone. Everyone accepted The New Order, Regime because Giuseppe Baptiste was a priest, and his morse codes hypnotized the masses. "Fools," I thought.


Rambo placed each solar cell inside the bag, and we scoured all of Colfax for Solar Cells and kept them inside the solar bag. 


A man in his suit called me out in the middle of our rebelion. "Why the solar lights? Why not my brain? Why not my wrist watch?" he asked. His navy suit looked dapper with his dark hair and clean appearance. "I'm a psychologist, what makes you think it would profit the world to walk in the dark at night? To instill fear on the meek? Why not truly commit fraud to the human race and steal someone's identity to ruin the planet and a life, one at a time? Or has that been done all along?"


I looked into his eyes, and saw a vision of a loving memory of a man who once had a resolution to the world's problems, yet he grew tired because of the oppression above him, perhaps keeping him at Tier 2 or 3. I saw a fatigued shopoholic.


"The New Order is stolen identity," I told him. Rambo shushed me, in fear of being found and reported to The New Order Regime men.


"I could easily tell them now, but as a luminary, I challenge the system, and would love to see the fruits of your labor," he said. 


"Ignore him, let's go," said Rambo.


"It's to save a life," I said. The man kept walking, and within minutes he turned around, and said to me and Rambo, "There is no equality with The New Order."


We ran to the next light, and unscrewed the caps of the postman lights and stole the solar cells, all the way to Colorado. It took us nearly three hours, and we managed to turn into the neighborhoods lights before dusk. It was worth missing our online classes. Death to The New Order!


Just write.



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