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The Fuel

Sifu II

Sifu sat on the boardwalk jutting out to the ocean with his feet dangling over the water. I walked behind him, and sat on the boardwalk next to him, this time, his beard was braided in four strands.


"Sifu, they called me Buddha," I told him.


"Why?" he asked. "There was only one Buddha."


"The haters felt I was a conduit. That if they hurt me, they will be rewarded," I said, my eyes looking out to the open skies with tears in my eyes.


"They say "Buddha bless you?" Sifu asked.


"Yes, and they say I'm a conduit," I told him the truth. "A lot of people think I can give them favors from God."


"They have no faith. They're insane," Sifu said, shaking his head. "They would do anything to feel powerful."


"I was robbed," I said, this time the tears just poured out in streams of sorrows over my cheeks. At times, even Sifu might be overwhelmed.


"You have to stay strong, always pray," Sifu said, his beads around his neck were the colors of dark chocolate.


"Somedays, it is too great for me to bear," I said, wiping the tears with my hands. The clouds over us this early morning sheltered us from the heat of Summer. "I've made too many mistakes too."


Sifu counted his beads and closed his eyes, and chanted something that felt familiar. "Bless you, my child," he softly whispers.


"Was that meant for me?" I asked him, with my face looking into his. His long silver hair and braided beards gently whisp in the wind.


"And the wind blows," he said, counting his beads and whispering blessings over me. "Buddha bless you."


"I cannot see the wind. And, why do you immitate them?" I asked, with my face facing forward with indignance.


"They mean nothing to Buddha, and there are more blessings for you, my dear daughter," said Sifu. He raised himself up, with his grey robe and brown beads, readying to leave. "Have faith, my daughter. It is invisible as the wind. It is something they wished they had, and you have plenty of. It has brought you great rewards."

"Thank you, Sifu," I said, touching his feet.


He stooped down to me, crouching on the boardwalk. "Keep writing. It will bring wonders to the world. I shall bless you, forever more."


Just write.

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