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The Fuel

At the green lawn

"What do you mean you want to record him? He's coming in 30 minute," said Rambo. There were less than a hundred people there as was expected since Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rickfield weren't the icons the Denverites admired. They were sorted as tyrannical despots people disliked and the countrymen and women abide by the rules because they didn't want to be taxed higher than the current rate. Everyone was afraid of The New Order Regime, and with the Black Mollies who took over the shops and transformed half of Colfax into fish stores, the guerilla warfare, and Choi Militia, their political group became too savaged to admire.


"He's going to play the violin in the center lawn, so we can use the violin time to record but don't stop the camera and get him to talk to us afterwards," I said. "It's the only we can do it, and if we can get close enough to him, introduce him to Karina."


"I just want to meet them, and ask them why they used violence to take over the world," said Karina.


We stood in front of the lawn at Capitol Hill, and it was 7 in the morning. Rambo hardly slept, and I didn't sleep at all. Karina slept but the babies woke her up in the middle of the night, and they were with my Father now.  He will come closer to the start of the recital, hoping we would be close enough to have a face to face conversation with Pearsons Rickfield and Giuseppe Baptiste.


Karina was scared as she kept biting her nails and kept looking around the lawn. She suddenly said, "I miss my twins," as she began to tear apart. "I'm worried I would be killed by their men who recognized me."


"Don't worry, we're here, and we won't let you face them alone," I told Karina.


"We're unarmed and we just wanted to meet him and we can say that we were huge fans," said Rambo. "Then we can begin to ask questions about their past, and why they decided to use violence to enforce a worldwide militia."


"It won't be friendly," said Karina. "I will be shot."


"You won't," said Rambo. "We will bring Boris and Betina with us. They will be our helper."


"Using my twins as bait?" asked Karina. "They were illegitimate children, but they deserved more than that."


My Father arrived after a long walk with a stroller for the twins to be comfortable. "Did the performance start?" my Father asked.


"Not yet, they will arrive soon. There aren't many people around," said Rambo.


"But it looks like there are about fifty people here, some sitting on the greens. Not too bad. It's not like other countries where they are really crazy about Giuseppe Baptiste," said my Father.


The clouds covered the sun and the crowd on the greens stood up as the limo for Baptiste arrived close to the sidewalk.


"Here they are," said Rambo.


Just write.


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