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The Fuel

Emergency Signal

Pearsons Rockfield and Giuseppe Baptiste held hands as Karina stepped back from hugging them.


"But, you still haven't told us why you chose to abuse your control and power over the people by ending the lives of those families who were important to the world?" asked my Father. "They were helping and you wanted to take their birthrights and sacrifice Karina to have some type of super powers."


"It's not a super power, it's favor from God!" said Giuseppe Baptiste. "We needed the extra umph to get God's attention to give us powers and control over the people of the world."


Karina, Rambo, my Father and I were baffled, witnessing how they tried to manipulate their words to say the same thing that we meant for them to realize.


"Yeah, you hurt the Royals so you can become the top dog," said Rambo. "It's a power thing isn't?"


"We wanted to have the best. We wanted to see our people thrive, and the ones we choose to be our people and to succeed," said Pearsons Rockfield. "With the old world, they also had their circles and it was difficult to get there without killing someone."


"You should never have to kill anyone, or assault them," said Karina. "I didn't deserve the assaults, but you did that and told your men to do it because you wanted to sacrifice me to gain my soul privilege."


"We never had a soul privilege," said Pearsons Rockfield. "I tried to marry twenty times and never gained any privilege from those women. But, with one assault to you, I became a stronger human being, and so did my people."


"We are just in love, and we want to be together," said Giuseppe Baptiste, holding hands with Pearsons Rockfield.


Karina took her hand and placed it over Pearson's hands, and told him, "You have a soul privilege, you just never believed you had one." Karina kissed him on his forehead, and also on Giuseppe Baptiste's forehead.They looked to Karina as Karina stepped back again, and she said, "I was not Tier 1. I was lower class, even as a Royal and the last of the Ting Dynasty. But, I worked hard, Pearsons and Giuseppe. I believe you were both born into a good surrounding, and being priests, you had the privilege of a divination and respect from the world. There was no reason for the assault.Yu were the privilege ones."


Pearsons Rockfield and Giuseppe Baptiste both looked into each other's eyes, and told each other, "We wanted our friends to be happy with us."


"I know you wanted control, but other people's families and body and lives are not yours to control or manipulate, Pearsons and Giuseppe," I said.


I realized that just like an over powering human being, they wanted to have power and privilege but they weren't skilled to gain the respects of the people by gentle means, so they resorted to violence. Instead of dialogue, education and work, they took the easy route and forced it upon others and destroyed those were against them with brutality and assaults.  It was a medieval ways of the dark periods of human origins through torture, and this habit never died. 


"We should change this behaviour," said my Father. "We have to tell the people that you wish for their respect and earn their support the right way. Through voting rights as was done centuries ago. This way, there is a method that won't harm others with violence."


"Besides, Dana has a recording of this dialogue between us," said Rambo. He took his wrist phone and showed the hologram that has been on since the beginning of the concert. 


"Hi, Giuseppe, I'm down near Laos! It's sunny here, and just vacationing!" laughed Dana. "But, I never anticipated a show like this before! I knew you were in love, but I didn't know you're both lunatics!" Dana kept on laughing and he replayed the video on his computer at a hundred times speed as it showed the violin performance and fast forwarded to the present moment.


Pearsons Rockfield and Giuseppe Baptiste gasped as they palmed their cheeks and shrieked. Pearsons Rockfield, who wore a grey robe and red sash, ran to the tree a few yards away and hugged it, as Giuseppe Baptiste kneeled down and wept. 


"Pearsons, we have to talk about this!" said Giuseppe Baptiste. Pearsons looked away as he kept holding the tree inside his arms. 


"You're both are actually gentle people," said Rambo. "Why did you choose to work with Black Molly and the Choi Militia? They're brutal!"


"Oh my God! We were caught on candid camera!" said Pearsons Rockfield. "I'm not happy at all!" Pearsons cried suddenly, and Giuseppe Baptiste closed his eyes and also wept.


"What do we do now? These two are cry babies!" asked Karina to me, Rambo and my Father.


"They need to confess to the whole world," said my Father. "Confession will give the world a fair chance to understand them."


"And, they have to let Boris and Betina claim their rights to be Royals," said Rambo. "And, give you, Karina, your rights back."


"You mean....I will become a Royal?" asked Karina.


"Your lineage, too," said Rambo. 


"And we have to choose the new leader through Democracy," I said. 


Pearsons Rockfield and Giuseppe Baptiste both were found laying on the ground, making dirt angels on the Earth.


"We're counting on our last seconds as rulers," said Giuseppe Baptiste. "Are you planning on playing those tapes all over the world?"


Rambo held up his wrist watch and Dana was still laughing and said, "Well yeah! You didn't think this macaroni and cheese drought didn't hurt anyone did you? Plus, we've all been living in the dark! It's about time the world knows why."


"Oh, honey,....I am all out of morse codes," said Giuseppe Baptiste.


"It won't work this time, and besides, the Black Mollies and Choi Militia won't be able to save you," said my Father. "The video was raw and real. We can air it right now all over the world through our wrist watches as an emergency signal."


Pearsons Rockfield fainted and his head fell back to the ground, and Giuseppe Baptiste gasped once more, and shook him by his side. "You can't leave me!" said Giuseppe Baptiste.


"The emergency signal was just sent with the video. It will be in everyone's wrist phones in one second," said my Father. Rambo held his wrist phone and we all saw Dana send the video through a worldwide emergency number.


I just received mine, and I played it on.


Just write. 

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