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The Fuel

The Crowd

The girl with a bun on her head in a white tanky popped both of her shoulders up and down as she wound her elbows like a ferris wheel. She slided next to me and bumped on to my arms purposely, "Yo!" She kept wounding both of her elbows and walked with a swag and kicked-ball-kicked and walked about and turned. She continued on about me and bumped on to my other arm and said, "Hey!" 


I tried to walk straight but she kept bumping into me turning my walk into a sliding adventure side to side and back and forth. "What's up, and what's wrong?" I asked her. She lifted one eyebrow and winked and back on to wounding her elbows as she kept walking as if she waltzed her whole life through. 


The little boy catecorner from me had a large oblong head and his eyes squinted as he cried. His head looked balding, but it might be from his illness, or whatever it might be. The crowd of normal people walked surrounding us, dodging our bodies, leaving us six feet apart from the world and the girl with the white tanky looked back and shouted, "Howdy!"


The little boy with the oblong head turned to me and stared deep into my eyes with his slanted light brown eyes. What provocation he might have experienced from her shouting, I didn't want to ask. I nodded to him and smiled, but he turned away and sobbed. He was by himself with no one around him. Was he alone? How did he get here in the first place? Where was I? My microcosm looked busy, but I had no knowledge of my environment, only the crowd. What world was this?


No one wore a mask, except for one person and he had a uniform of a train ticket attendant with a blue hat. "Where is your ticke? I need to stamp it," he told me, with his palm open. I replied, "I'm not going on a train, I somehow landed here. Where is this place?" The man sighed, "You always need a ticket...everywhere you go. It's the rule." I was flabbergasted and my eyes looked to the left and right, "I didn't know that," I said. The man shook his head and left, "Crazy people," he said.

What on Earth was this dream about?


Just write.

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