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The Fuel

Ocean deep

The ocean is so vast inside my mind as its darkness escapes the real sunlight in my eyes. The vision is full of a foggy midnight and it hurts inside me with the suffering deepens as memories of each stab compounds over my soul. Each knife that enters my skin and the surface of my body feels bloody and it destroys my days. The surrounding in my life becomes moist with tears as I recall the faces of those who hurt me in the past, coming back to surface with the spurts of blood.


Each fraudulent charge into my account where I save my life is now game for them, the criminals who steals. It hurts me that they resort to crimes to gain blessings and favors to have riches. I never make any jokes about my heritage or exploit another for their ancestry, but their labels leads the world to stab and abuse to get everything they desire to play with my mind. I am so happy I am stronger than their abuse and I will keep working and take evidence seriously. Criminals should be put to justice and they are no exceptions. It is time. They have to leave because I did nothing wrong to their lives, instead they hurt mine, with glee.


This time they take some, and next time, they might take my all, my life and my whole being. I don't want to be casualty of their war. They have to leave because the ocean becomes deep and I know they want me to drown and become a victim once more. I don't deserve it. Never! I will not fear!


Just write.

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