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The Fuel

The Omen

Dana's face was on the Graphics of the Magical Billboards, announcing, "Hear me all citizens of the Earth, Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rockfield were long time lovers, and they were ashamed to admit it. Because of their anguish and denials, they also wanted to deny others of their human rights!" 


Dana's face looked like a wolf but with plump lips from his plumpers. "They wanted to make sure everyone they loved who belonged in their circle of communities remain the first to know any information or rights pertaining to the humanity. This caused them to abuse their powers because they committed crimes against the poor who showed promising futures. They purposely assaulted, raped, sabotaged, destroyed, murdered, violated all forms of hope for those who showed a promising social life, financial life, romantic life and skills in bargain shopping. They wanted to make sure these castes become vulnerables and to never shop Tier 1. They wanted to keep them as Tier 3 or Homeless."


Everyone gasped on the Earth and it was as if a breath of wind inhaled into the core of the universe, then exhaled out oxygen after a full minute of stillness. The sheer suprise of the citizens of the Earth gave Dana more valor to speak more of the atrocious acts of Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rockfield. 


"They will try to deny their crimes, and they will try to gain more powers and claim victory because they are still the reigning leaders, but come January 20, they shall be replaced by new form of leaderships. We will have to announce our plans as human beings to call on a new leadership for each nation of the Earth," said Dana. "This has to be done fast! Or those two miniscules will try to gain control by calling on the Choi Militia and Black Mollies to use their cars to search for vulnerables and hurt their lives. This was done to Karina Ting, and they will try it again!"


The whole Earth murmured amongst their families and loved ones and the sound was as swarms of bees were hovering over the entire skies. Father and I looked to the horizon and wondered if the humming sounds were from a source, and there were black dots that looked like flies far yonder further than the mountains in the sky. Karina looked to me and Rambo, and asked, "What are those?" Rambo and I shrugged our shoulders, and the people around us kept chanting "REFORMATION" as Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rockfield were being tied with the pretzel shaped flags.


"I did nothing wrong. I was acting as a human being with needs!" exclaimed Giuseppe Baptiste. 


"I was in love with him, and I was following my heart's desires. A heart so full of love!" shouted Pearsons Rockfield. "Its Cinnamon Sugar in my blood. I promise!"


Everyone around them shushed Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rockfield. Everyone was tired of their bratty wants and tantrums.


"We are throwing you both in the penitentiary, until further notice, or until the Moon ceases to shine and the Sun never appears," said MAD. The people took them over their heads and walked to the nearest county jail, that was rumored to be located behind Denver General Hospital. 


"Are those what I think they are?" said my Father. "Hornets?" The humming sound was the sound of the hornets from the farthest part of South Americas and they were the size of dollar bills. "They are giant hornets, and they're ready to attack!"


The people around us ran to a shelter and to the buildings around them, and any thoughts of lightbulbs shortage and no more macaroni and cheese felt as child's play compared to these giant hornets from the South.


Those who carried Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rockfield ran instead of walked, but the hornets got to the two leaders and swarmed them. The hornets especially began to feed off the bodies of Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rockfield, and stung them with the giant stingers as the two leaders were swollen and their bodies exploded but the hornets ate away their carcass because these insects were not only gigantic, but they were also carnivorous.


"The Omen," whispered Rambo to me and Karina, as we stood in the shade underneath a tree still watching the whole entire display of heavenly justice unfold in front of our eyes.


"Was it karma? You think?" I asked my Father. 


"I doubt it. It's the law of heaven. Those two committed brutal crimes. It's the culmination of their deeds," said my Father. "The world suffered because of their abuse."


Karina sat cross-legged on the grass knoll further from the crowd of people watching the two bloodied bodies of Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rockfield feasted upon by the swarms of giant carnivorous hornets.


Dana shouted over to the people, "What's going on Denverites?"

I realized Dana had no idea in real time what was going on in front of our eyes. My Father took his wrist phone and dialed on Dana's number and showed him the scene. Dana cried and looked to the skies, and said, "There is a God." And the people hummed a somber tune, something out of a song book that no one knew but somehow everyone took part. It was as if the song was inside the world's mind. 


"Peace be on Earth, O my Soul. Let the people sing. Rise above the sorrows and the sins over us. Peace be on Earth," sang the people of Denver and worldwide.


Since the death of Giuseppe Baptiste and Persons Rockfield, the world was calm and silent, to commemorate those we lost because of the two psychotic leaders who harmed the entire planet. Each soul walked in the morning and took time to greet one another and we all soon realized that there was no lightbulb shortage or macaroni and cheese shortage. Those were all made up to instill fear amongst the people and used to brain wash and manipulate the world so the two psychotic leaders would be able to control the minds of the people by giving them instructions of a made-up catastrophe.


Dana stayed in the tropical islands he vacationed in, because he met a gorgeous woman his age and they married and adopted a local orphan boy and girl. He called his "Charmed Life."


Karina went back to school and so did I and so did Rambo. We all took online classes and took care of Boris and Betina in the evenings when my Father went back to night shift as he took care of the babies in the mornings. We moved to a bigger condo in Denver with four bedrooms and three baths, but no longer in the city, instead in the residential condo nearby a bookstore and a kindergarten to prepare for the babies to grow up in this cruel world.


World leaders were chosen again, and Karina was in line for a title, but she refused a Royal Title, instead, she chose the babies as future the Future Prince and Princess, and they were allowed to marry anyone they desired inside their hearts. The Political leaders were voted into office, and the first families lived in the capitols and the castles that were once owned by the Royal Families were given to the Royal lineage, the long lost descendants of The Duke of Essex, that was once claimed to have been forgotten, but since he was out of the lime light, the Duke and his families were given blessings beyond reason.


Once again, the world and time collaborated wihh the people, as I looked to the heavens and prayed, "Please help us all."


The End. Just write.

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