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The Fuel

One Day

~ In loving memory of Dr. Robert M. Fineman, MD, PhD. ~

One day, out of the 365 days of the year, an old man saw a star.


But, the blue sky changed its color to grey with thunder and lightning as rain poured on the Earth.


"A new generation is born today," said a voice, who spoke from high above the clouds.


The old man thought, "This feels very familiar."


He walked to follow the star, and he saw a little boy near a lake. 


He walked slowly towards him, to see who this boy was. 


"I am alive!" said the little boy, as he embraced the rain with open arms.   


The little boy asked the man, "Who are you?"


"I am The Master," said the old man. "And, who are you?"


"I am Boy Wonder," the little boy told him, as the boy smiled. "I am from another galaxy to help you on Earth. I am born with a gift."


"What is your gift?" The Master asked Boy Wonder.


"I can change the future," said Boy Wonder.


"What are you going to do with that gift son?" The Master asked Boy Wonder.


"I don't know, because I am just a boy. But, I suppose, to help make this place a better world," said Boy Wonder, trying to improvise to understand his new mission.


"I will tell you this…I am the Master and I will tell you a little formula that I learned from living on Earth. One bad deed needs at least one good deed to balance the future, and sometimes more.  But, one good deed could stand on its own and sometimes it can last forever.  Which one will you choose to do?" The Master asked Boy Wonder.


"I choose GOOD! It can last forever!" answered Boy Wonder.


"Let's see how you feel after you see BAD," said The Master.


Boy Wonder scrunched his eyebrows and said, "Why would anyone want BAD in the first place?"


"Come with me, and let's walk in the fields," said The Master. He took a small cane as it elongated into a walking stick, made of Titanium.


The Master and Boy Wonder walked together as the wind came with thunder and lightning bolted on trees in front of them. Rain poured harder on the Earth with large drops of cold water from the sky. Dirt turned into mud, and the storm blew wind against them, preventing them to move forward. .


They walked for days in the open field in the storm, and Boy Wonder said, "I don't know if I can change the future, because I cannot even change the weather!" His eyes were red from the hard rain dropping into his large brown eyes, and he began to cry.


Suddenly. The Master and Boy Wonder looked above and the scorching hot sun appeared with the wind blowing angrily, rousing the sky as the mud turned into sand and began to rise into a storm on unsteady ground.


"Can you work with this much BAD?!" The Master asked Boy Wonder.


"I don't think I can do this! What happens now?" Boy Wonder asked the Master.


"I will show you how to change this BAD into GOOD!" The Master yelled above the sound of the wind, and he pointed towards South.


Near the South, Boy Wonder saw mountains with a large body of water and some sort of beings, moving about.


"What are they?" asked Boy Wonder.


"The large rocks piercing towards the sky are called "mountains." The large body of water is "ocean," and those beings are called "humans," more commonly knowns as "people," said the Master. "They can help you change the future."


"Do they know about BAD?" Boy Wonder asked him.


"They know BAD very well, actually some of those "humans" are good at being bad," said the Master. "The good thing is, some of them are so intelligent, that they too were born with a gift."


"I will ask them to help me," said Boy Wonder.


"What are you going to tell them? After experiencing that much BAD?" The Master asked this

gifted boy.


"To ask them to do GOOD, all GOOD! And TO CHANGE!" Boy Wonder told the Master, and The Master nodded.


"Remember, for every BAD, you always need at least one GOOD, and even more.  And Remember: GOOD can last forever!" said The Master, in wisdom.


"Why is there BAD?" Boy Wonder asked, "We don't need it!"


"Because BAD is very easy to do, but GOOD is out of the ordinary," said The Master, holding Boy Wonder's shoulder.


"BAD is strange, and dangerous!" Boy Wonder said.


"Good is suprising, and hopeful," The Master said, lifting this eyes to the sky.


"Then if all GOOD, can last forever, do people like GOOD?" Boy Wonder asked.


"Now you know why, I need you," The Master hugged the little boy, and said, "CHANGE



"Always GOOD!" Boy Wonder told the Master, "I promise."


The Master walked with Boy Wonder towards the mountains and the ocean, where those humans lived with the hope of a new generation who will change the future forever.


For the Children. Just write.

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