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The Fuel

I want to let you know

~Dedicated to my brothers in spirit, Ben Affleck, Sean Moynihan, JD, of Denver, and Derek J. Jones. ~


Today, I want to let you know,

Just how I feel about you.


First of all, I think you are great,

And I think I like you.


I know, I only know what I know of you,

But, you will be surprised of how much I know.


If you say let's play space combat in the desert,

I'll tell you to pretend we're in Disneyland instead.


If sunshine turns into hailstorm,

I'll pray for a change in weather.


If there is danger,

I'll tell you to run for your life!


If you want to face your fears, I'll tell you that's great,

but being fearless is one thing, and being smart is another.


If you have a headache,

I'll make you take a nap.


If someone tells you, you are growing faster than your pants,

I will tell them they will never grow up!


If you're gnarly, I'll tell you,

If you're silly, I'll let you know.


If you start to feel bad about anything,

I'll make sure you feel normal about everything.


When you are lazy,

I'll remind you how lazy you can be.


But if you are tired and very, very, very sad,

It's really okay to feel grumpy.


If you are jealous of me, and I am jealous of you,

We will puke at perfect people together.


If you eat too much,

I'll tell you, "You might get fat and won't be picked for the team!"


If you get sick, and no one cares about you

I will tell you about the time I had the chicken pox.


If I just won a million dollars, and feel too good for anyone.

You shouldn't worry so much, but those million dollars can be useful.


If you want to leave,

I'll cry.


I know all these things sounds too good to be true,

But I am just amazing, that's all…


I am not lying,

I really am an amazing kid!


So, I thought, …

I should let you know


Your friend.

Till The end.

Just write.


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