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The Fuel


~Dedicated to Gloria Steinem, who I dreamt to meet and did, as she replied, "Well…I dreamed about meeting you!"~


Russell is fifty, the type of number that speaks for itself.

Russell is half a century, and full of might.


He dances every day, and jiggles when he sneezes.

Russell never complains in anything he chooses to do.


Russell loves his children, and his wife, too.

He says the heart needs to be full of the people you care about.


Russell says he fell down once, and couldn't get back up.

So, he took a breather, relaxed for a while and raised himself up.


Russell says when he grows up, he wants a Labrador retriever.

Because when Russell goes fishing, he needs an expert to accompany him.


Russell is not afraid to tell everyone his age, fifty or not.

Because he loves his life and everything it's about.


Russell loves jazz, blues, rock, funk, and the guitar.

He walks like a rock star, because he is one inside.


Russell says if he can eat books, he probably would and could.

But, he reads them instead, to let the worms live inside.


Russell never went to school, but he wishes he is a Psychologist.

Because he believes attitude can change everything.


Russell says he loves the water and oxygen the most.

He also thinks no one should have to complain about them.


Russell made a big mistake one day in the past.

But, he forgave himself and focused on the answer to move on.


Russell tells everyone he believes in true love,

Because, when he was in his sixties, he finally found his.


Russell says he is always careful with his health and his heart.

He protects them, because those are the keys to life.


Russell was told he was old, by some old lady,

But, he doesn't trust the lady because she never walked in his shoes before.


Russell was beaten in a game of tennis.

So, he tried ping-pong and won the state finals.


Russell never gives room for jealousy.

Because jealousy is always jealous of everything it sees.


Russell loves barbeques and hamburgers, on hot sunny days.

Because sometimes we all need to savor the moment.


Russell doesn't like mean or angry people.

Because one day with any of them, means trouble!


Russell says he loves the ocean.

Because the ocean is definitely bigger and stranger than anything he has ever seen.


Russell loves hot tea, cookies and fireside chats on snowy days.

He says moments like these can heal someone's life.


Russell says he doesn't bother with dirt.

He says he is an expert on living a clean life


Russell doesn't like people with mud in their brains

He thinks sticky people break people apart.


Russell is now more than a hundred years old, but his heart is fifty.

Because he just feels fifty really suits him for the moment.


Russell says he always loves his life.

That's why everyone remembers Russell and not the years of his life.



The end. Just write.


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