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The Fuel

Sunflowers seeds

In my right palm, Sunflowers seeds

My head turned left in silence

People passed by, rioters ahead

Anti-Bushwhacked protest about me 

My heart beating, no words came


Fear winds in my brain, afraid of others

Go away from me, I have Sunflower seeds 

I couldn't move, forgot how, overstimulation 

Tears peaked out, still in silence, no words

Didn't know how to say it, too many people


Except Lincoln, all Presidents were implicit

The government knew conspiracies theory

Oppress the vulnerable to help celebrities

Controlling chaos with organized crimes

But, protests were legal, yet they punished


Anarchy signs, black masks, gas bombs

I wore white, and khaki, with my red heart 

I kept on breathing, Sunflower seeds

Took a seed, bit the shell, tongue the seed

Perhaps a seed calmed me down, waiting 


Back then, In my right palm, Sunflowers seeds

Embarrassed to talk, embarrassed to not

The country divided, war coming to us

Bushwhacked not just me, but maybe you

I felt hijacking attacks, manic coming, worries


Took a step forward, forgot about the rioters

Took my Sunflower seeds, forgave them all

The organizers met in abandoned stores

Churches, ESL centers, all Los Angeles liberals

I wanted peace but felt war coming, Bushwhacked










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