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The Fuel

Miracles of Joy

The rush of wind directed my puppy, Mimi, around the corner of a neighborhood where we walked this morning. She kept steering me to the inner hamlet in Loveland, and I noticed I was the only person on the street. Hundreds of Autumn leaves were on the ground as a rush of wind came and made the rustling noise as the leaves walked on the ground towards me. My mood changed for good because of the moment of beauty of leaves walking on the street and even Mimi stopped to witness its miracles towards my mental health. It was so pretty that I was in awe and recorded it on my IG and had to post a realization that these small moments curbed depression and seasonal affect disorder. I was so happy because it was so beautiful and I will always remember to savor moments like these in my life.


Another small miracle of joy came to me when my father passed away in 2021. It was snowing and I wanted to take a long walk outside to relieve some stress. A woman was walking her dog and one of them was a miniature puppy that was weeks old, and we were the only two people on the side walk walking. I couldn't pass the moment without petting the miniature cuteness. For a moment, my tears subsided and the woman asked me what was wrong. I told her that my father had passed away and she empathized because it was still Covid-20 time and we were to stay in our dwellings for quarantine procedures as she understood my sorrows. I asked her if petting her puppy was okay and she was happy to help me and let me cuddle with him. 


Once I was driving with tears in my eyes from work in 2022 because some co-workers were abusive to me and took my belongings and I couldn't stop sobbing. Out the corner of my windshield, I saw a huge bird that turned out to be an eagle perching on the electric pole as it spread its wings to show it off to me. I stopped crying because it was glorious and I was breathless because it was such a big bird and I rarely see eagles in the area.


Something brought these small miracles into my life, and I knew that it was The Almighty. I didn't ask for it, because it came to me at desperate moments, and I did pray for God to intervene in my sadness and bring me joy. I believe my prayers were answered and I know He will help me throughout my life. I realized it and I now have proof that He is faithful to me. All I wanted was help and that was my prayer, God Help Me. And now I know.... He showed me up.



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