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The Fuel

Hail, Dynamo Orderlies.

The sirens went off as all of Knox was at a stand still. The screens on the grocery walls showed an emergency signal of the news. 


"For immediate release, our esteemed leader, Giuseppe Baptiste, was seen in front of the Buckingham Palace, where the longest running monarchy once stood in England, overthrown by The New Order and its party," said the news anchor. "Since The New Order came to power, all of the world bow to our esteemeed leader, and it shall be our destiny to still be under his commands and practice conscious shopping at our local grocery stores."


Prior to Giuseppe Baptiste, his father was the leader of the New Order, and his father poisoned the latest monarch of England and took over the palace and declared victory. Arose his progeny of leaders who were his daughter, sons, cousins and his in-laws who became statesman and leaders of The New Order all over the Earth. The murder of the British Monarchy were kept under the radar for Giuseppe Baptiste and his ancestors used guerilla warfare and intelligentsia, once a method utilized by the Fascists and Communist Government of the Old World, before the White Plaque.


Giuseppe Baptiste stood on the podium, behind the open quadrant in front of the palace, and raised his right palms in the air and spoke into his ear microphones, 


"Hail, my dynamo orderlies of the new world,              (Blinked in morse code: N)

thy presence is an aroma of chili and peppers             (Blinked in morse code: O)

scented with an elixir of youth and laborous passion.   (Blinked in morse code: M)

I, your noble leader, hath with divine intention,           (Blinked in morse code: O)

a most unquenchable love for you.                             (Blinked in morse code: R)

Unlike the ancient ceramics of the old world,               (Blinked in morse code: E)

I come bearing gifted annointment of shark tooth        (Blinked in morse code: C)

and bearings of gold and titanium.                          (Blinked in morse code: H)


My lovers of my new world, I urge a most desperate    (Blinked in morse code: E)

need of a future dispensation.                                    (Blinked in morse code: D)

Truly all worths of love requieres costs,                        (Blinked in morse code: D)

and let thine cost be my request.                                (Blinked in morse code: A)

To only see the light and nothing else.                         (Blinked in morse code: R)

Be of good soldier with truth in thine heart,                  (Blinked in morse code: N)

What is not more worthy than light itself?                    (Blinked in morse code: O)


All energies and fuel be at your call,                             (Blinked in morse code: M)

for my sorrows shall be no more,                                 (Blinked in morse code: A)

once all products of light be diminished and gone.         (Blinked in morse code: C)

As your leader, I ask for your mercy,                            (Blinked in morse code: A)

to give to the light, all that is of request.                      (Blinked in morse code: R)

Everything to be purchased until it disappears.              (Blinked in morse code: O)

Not until then, will you see me as your true star            (Blinked in morse code: N)

of this dark world to follow it anew.                              (Blinked in morse code: I)


The people howled, and one man behind me yelled, "Our leader is a THICK, ZESTY, STROGANOFF!!!!"


The entire Knox clapped their hands, and as seen on the screen, Giuseppe Baptiste nodded his head forward and stood up, all five feet of him and placed only his right palm up, and the crowd howled more and more.


All of London was in frantic for lightbulbs and all lamps and the sirens blared once again. Everyone ran in all directions, shouting,"The Light! The Light! He shall be the light!" Giuseppe Baptiste stepped down from the podium and walked into the palace, to perhaps rest for the remainder of the day.


All of Knox, where I stood at this moment, wrecked havoc. Everyone ran to the housewares and lightbulb sections and took as many products as possible. The whole time, I was worried about macaroni and cheese as it seemed his morse code gave me a signal that there would be a cheddar shortage. But how was all this possible? Why lightbulbs? Far were the days of carbohydrate loadings, but I was never a fan of cheddar after all.


I stood in place still at the popcorn isle, in midst of madness, as I saw Rambo approaching me.


"Jake, I need your help?" Rambo said, out of breath.


"Where have you gone? Did you at least ride your bicycle?" I asked him.


"No, I walked it. But, I found another one, this time a vulnerable," Rambo said, he turned around as I followed in a hurry. "She was stabbed."


In the era of the New World, a vulnerable meant almost homeless. As I followed Rambo, I knew he needed me for aid, first aid to be exact. I knew first aid like my dining table. With my Father as the surgeon at Banner, I was trained since I was in my mother's womb.


"Karina is her name, she bore a pair of twins two weeks ago," Rambo said.


"How old is she?" I asked.


"Twelve," Rambo said. 


We ran amongst the crowds of shoppers of all tiers all across Denver, all in a frantic to buy lightbulbs and lamps and anything that would bear light. 


Just write.


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