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The Fuel

No more cheddar. No macaroni.

All the almond milks in the world won't explain the lightbulb frenzy at Knox. People trampled over each other, and the isles were blown apart. A whole crowd of people were in a hurry to get to the check lane to purchase all of the light products. Some bought flashlights, and some bought desk lamps and floor lamps and of course, lightbulbs.


"What did that Baptiste tell the world?" asked Rambo, in the middle of the crowd of shoppers.


"The usual, giving the latest craze for 'The Orderlies," I said. 


"What else?" asked Rambo.


"Strange things. No more cheddar. No macaroni," I replied.


"WHAT!" said Rambo. "That's my food! All of Tier 2 and 3 shoppers will starve!"


I looked to him and asked him, "Where could it have gone?"


"We don't have time for this. I need us to go to Karina," said Rambo.


"First, mint, peppermint, and lavender soap," I told him. I grabbed the towels at the endcap of the aisle and ran to the first aid section and took all the aspirin tubings and stretch-fabric bandages from Tier 1 and went to the check out lane. Rambo followed me and we left Knox and went outside. It was an hour after I got to Knox and it snowed outside. 


Rambo took his bicycle from the rack and I jumped on it and rode it with Rambo standing on the wheel spurring and holding on to me on my shoulder.


"Go left on Josephine and four miles down, turn left on Downing," said Rambo.


We arrived at Downing and 20th, as Rambo jumped off the bicycle and ran to a dilapitated house with a broken gate and a broken glass window with a curtain covering the inside of the house. Rambo knocked on the door and I parked the bicycle and held on to my shoulder pack full of my purchased items.


A young girl with taupe skin and slanted eyes opened the door. Her belly bulged, most likely from the pregnancy weight.


"No more cheddar. No macaroni," Rambo said.


The young girl cried as I ran to her side and held her up. "We'll try to find some as soon as possible," I told her. "What happened to you?"


"I gave birth two weeks ago, out of wedlock, and out of my control," she said. "I haven't been able to go anywhere."


"How did you get to this house? Do you live here?" I asked her.


"She is orphaned like me, and no one knew about it," said Rambo.


"Who did this to you?" I asked.


"A man with a car," Karina said. 


"A CAR? A Baptiste?" I asked.


"Possibly," said Rambo. "Who would have a car nowadays?"


"I'm Tier 1, we can purchase something else for foods, but let me see your wounds," I asked her.


"A man took a knife and almost stabbed me," said Karina, as she lifted her shirt and showed me a slash to the side of her pancreas. I opened my shoulder pack and took my towellette and cleaned the lashed areas as some blood came out. It took all of my travel towellettes to clean it and I crushed all of the aspirin and palpated her lacerations with it. I covered it with the towels and wrapped her with the bandage around her stomach. Karina cried and knelt down and covered her eyes. "It hurts my body too much," she said. 


"How did you escape him?" Rambo asked. He was sitting on the ground that was dirty and dusty.


"I told him that my body will serve as evidence because I knew some other orphans from online school in the library and they'll find me," Karina said. 


"But you didn't tell anyone, and no one in the school knew who you were?" Rambo asked. 


I took the peppermints and gave it to Karina and took a mint and gave it to Rambo. "To calm you," I told them. "I have to chew on those in front of my computer, and meditate or my stress goes high levels." I kept the lavender soap and inhaled its scent to my nose to calm myself down. 


They sniffed on the mints and inhaled the soothing scent, then chewed it inside their mouths. They closed their eyes and calmed down for a while.


"Let's start with a plan," I said. The babies cried, and Karina stood up to run to the other room.


"All of the children will starve," said Rambo.


Just write. 

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