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The Fuel

9/11 Psalm

Forgive us, Father, for the sins of my ancestors

Restore unto us a life fulfilling in joy and mercy

Forgive us for each sin we carry and free us from our past

Make us vessels of grace as we tread onto the future

Forgive us, Father, for You are our fortress and deliverer

I call unto You, Lord, as my shield and my salvation.

The deaths of the innocent marked the new century

As we now face snares of death all over the world.

Forgive us, Father, and free us of the burden of deaths

Lead the poor and weary to a path of love and providence

Forgive us, Father, and heal all wounds to restoration

Diffuse all upheavals and make peace amongst all hate

Forgive us, Father, as we face torrents of destructions

Let not the snares of death overtake us, instead defend us

I cry to You, Lord, in fear and trembling

But Your peace covers me all of my days

Forgive us, Father, and keep us from unrighteousness

Your ways are blameless, therefore teach us, Lord.

Forgive us, Father, according to our deeds and humility

Only through You, will we change our ways

Forgive us, Father, as my enemies pursue me,

Strengthen me and uphold me, Lord, and sustain me.

Millions fall as adversaries overtook the nation

But with You, Father, we are forgiven and freed

Rescue us, Father, for violent men overtook me,

But, You saved me from my enemies and I am exalted.

Rescue us, Father, for our children are in sorrows

Do not let our wrongdoings scar our future generations.

Rescue us, Father, as fire and fury blaze to dark clouds

Bring us rain to wash away our sins, and raise a canopy over us

Rescue us, Father, and lead us to a strong foundation of truth

Do not let the blasphemous overtake us and our nations

Heal us, Father, and reach us through Your holy spirit

Bring us to triumph and rescue us, forever more.

God Bless. Love, Diana Kurniawan.








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