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The Fuel

Oh, sweet baby.

Rambo and I were trying to plan of a way to help Karina when a large truck pulled to the front of the dilapitated house. 


Karina came out with one of her twin babies. "This is Boris," she said, introducing the cuddly baby boy to me and Rambo.


Rambo jumped from the floor and ran to the back room, behind the house. I knew it was about the bicycle ride to this house.


The man inside the truck came out with a shotgun slung around his shoulder, and walked to the broken front door.


"Is this your house?" the man asked me, wiping his forehead, because it was nearing the end of summer and the sun was still out.


"Yes, it's mine and my sisters," I told him. 


"I saw a black boy riding his bicycle. I wanted to know if it was licensed and if he had permission to ride," the man said. His dark hair and curly beard over his face made him looked like the brunt of man. He sniffed and walked into the room, as I stepped back and Karina swayed the baby to sleep.


"He's probably just around the block and not inside this house," I replied.


"Someone reported him riding fast and you were on a longboard," he said. He leaned with his elbow to the wall, and his right leg swung over to the left, stretching his hip. "Just need to check his license, is all."


"Well, I have no clue, and it was just me and her here," I told him.


He walked towards me and sniffed my face, "Black Irish, written all over you," he said. "Why does your sister look like that?"


"We have different fathers," I told him. I stepped back again, almost reaching the other room.


"Want to hold my cousin?" Karina asked him. She handed Boris to the man, and he almost drueled from the soft and gentle whimper of Boris in his large muscular hold. "He's pure."


The man cuddled Boris and smiled, and said, "Goo goo ga ga, sweet baby." He swayed Boris side to side, and Karina reached for Boris and took him from the large bearded monster. "Oh, that felt surreal. I just about melted."


"He's a newborn, two weeks," I told him. 


The man looked up to the ceiling and I could tell he felt euphoric from the sweetness and gentleness of Boris inside his arm. 

"Never felt fuzzy like this before," he said, holding his hands to his heart. "Sweet angel!"


"I think that calls for a celebration, at another place somewhere," I hinted.


"Oh...my sweet," he held his palms together and covered his face. "Yes, I never touched a baby before. I never knew."


I smiled and looked to Karina and she went to the other room, still swaying Boris in her arms. "I think we have to be quiet now, because the baby will go to sleep."


"Oh, inhale," the man said, breathing into his lungs. "So you listen, the bicycle is outside, and the boy is not here, but I'm going to let go, and assume he has a license. If he doesn't, I'm going to find him and put him in jail."


"I will make sure he has his license with him," I replied.


The man stomped outside in his leather boots and his shotgun and left the house in his large truck. I closed the broken door, and looked to the other room where Karina sat near a sofa where the babies laid asleep. I took Karina's hand and we walked to the front room and I sat her down on the floor. "We have to stay outside. Let the babies sleep for a while," I told her.


I took my shoulder bag and took out my hairbrush, and sat Karina down in front of me. I brushed Karina's hair as we watched the front door, in case the man in the large truck would be back. We sat for an hour, just brushing her silky black hair.


"Is Rambo okay?" she asked me.


"He will tend to your wound later," I said. 


"Is it safe now?" I heard Rambo asked. Karina stood up, and ran to him and hugged his flat stomach. "It's okay. We will be okay," Rambo said. 


Just write.

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