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The Fuel

Soul Privileges

My Father's wrist phone beeped as the hologram appeared in front of him. "Ready to talk?" said Dana.


"Jake, Rambo, let's go to sit on the floor in front of the sofa. Turn off the lights, and shut the curtains," said my Father.


We closed the window curtains, and took off the solar lightbulbs and turned off the solar cell. We sat crosslegged on the floor in front of our television and sofa. 


"What's going on?" Rambo asked. 


"Dana thinks he knows about the symbol Karina saw on the man's arms," said my Father.


"The Machete and Fire sign?" I asked. 


"Yes. It's definitely one of the Baptiste men," said Dana.


In the dark, Dana proceeded to unveil the secrets of the The New Order Regime.


"I was in the infantry in the Southeast Asian division. The Laotian also had their royals, and they were all annihilated. The reason is because of the resources they had in the islands. Those Pacific Islands had multi-billion dollars companies with the self-preserving island that refuels itself. It can import and export all types of goods. I found out that the Tier 1 goods were only to make Tier 1 goods, and Tier 2 so on. The prices are capped and increased per year, and the taxes are high for Tier 1, to keep maintaining the money reserve for The New Order Regime. Tier 1 is taxed at the financial income of $300,000 and up and the tax is at least at 50% per household, but..Tier 2, has to make at least $150,000 and they tax at 45% per household, to make them stay at that level. It's really difficult to jump from one Tier to another. Tier 3 is the lowest and they tax at 35% per household, and to make sure no one can move up a tier, unless they have a heritage of Tier 1 or they marry into it. But, we all know that all romantic relationships has to benefit The New Order Regime, and they screen us with our security numbers, so Tier 2 and 3 will most likely marry only to those Tiers, because it's difficult for them to meet Tier 1 and have a relationship since it won't benefit The New Order to gain another Tier 1. It will benefit the Regime if a Tier 1 gives a progeny, but that progeny also has to marry Tier 1, and most likely, they had tied to The Regime," said Dana. "But, here it the catch, if a Royal has a progeny, they have to automatically marry Tier 1 to give the birthright to that Tier."


"Or they can be really smart and be a surgeon, and join the Socialist Hospital, and work their way to get more than $300,000 per year," I said. My Father smiled and roughened my scalp with his fingers. Rambo laughed, and said, "So....How would they get the models and the celebrities and famous people in the world?"


"They all have to earn more than $300,000 per year and belong to Tier 1, otherwise, they will fall to Tier 2, and 3. Then, they will have to find a way to marry into Tier 1, and it has to benefit The Regime," Dana said. "If Karina was a Ting Dynasty, technically, her birthright gave her Tier 1, but she was almost annihilated, and The Regime don't want her to become royal again, because royals have certain "soul privileges" that The New Order Regime does not endorse."


"What do you mean by "Soul Privileges," asked Rambo. "All souls have privileges, right?"


"Not according to The New Order Regime. Giuseppe Baptiste is a priest, and he sacrificed himself to gain power, some authoritarial powers over the souls of the world. He blinks morse code, it is almost as if he has some magic attached to him. Royalty and First Families have "Clout" and that "Clout" is something he opposes because The New Order Regime believes in one central authority, Giuseppe, and no one else. Imagine if all these Royalties and First Families are starting to use their clouts to help people, creating businesses, making free foods, donating services? What good would Giuseppe Baptiste be?" said Dana. "He only wants his Regime. And no one else."


"Why Giuseppe?" I asked. "It could have been me that was chosen to be the authoritarian."


"The question is, who is behind Giuseppe? He didn't get there by himself, is that understood?" Dana said.


"Who's the consilieri?" asked my Father.


"I don't know him, but I saw that sign on his ring. His consiliery is always behind the scene. I'm not sure who, but I've met Giuseppe, and he's not very bright. He's a morse code expert, I give you that. He can blink 80 times per second, and his eyes still maintains focus on his verse," Dana said.


"This is all garbage!" Rambo said. "Garbage, he's a bullshitter!"


"Wait, hold on," I asked. "Why Karina?"


"She's the last of the Royals with a soul privilege. Anything Karina says, somehow becomes more attractive, loved, and earnest. It is because her lineage is Royalty, but as any Royals, their hearts has to be good. If the heart of a Royal is not good, it destroys their whole lineage. It takes a good woman with a heart of gold to save her dynasty," Dana said. "Karina was just trying to save her family. In this case, her own life. Her babies are now half-breeds, and it's becase Giuseppe Baptiste and his consilieri wants a half-New Order Regime into a royal family, since they've annihilated everyone else. If Karina is as smart as Sean said she is, she would know what to do to convince everyone how to solve the world's problems. She could potentially be a leader. It's too bad she was assaulted and now bore two illegitimate children. She could have easily been a Tier 1."


"All this? For just a Tier 1 privilege," said Rambo, with his face blown up and in anger. "I've never heard the shittiest bullshit in all of my life, and I'm an orphan."


"But, the money from the taxes, where it does it all go?" asked my Father.


"They're funnelled into The New Order Regime Treasury, but we all know that's it's not just Giuseppe Baptiste," said Dana. "We need to find out who his consilieri is. He must be always with him, giving him instructions on what to do."


"This is all foolish!" Rambo said. "We've been paying all of our monies, and he's increased our product prices so we can't buy anything else, then we can't meet anyone except out Tier or lower," yelled Rambo. "I want to throw some bricks to a glass window! Revolt!"


"Rambo, we have to play it cool. We have to work with their system that they have now. It's permanent, and it's going to be there for a while," my Father said. 


"Rambo, we can revolt. I'm with you, but we have to revolt in a smarter way than The New Order," I said.


"Media, but how would we dodge them?" Rambo asked. "How can we take over the television with all these blackouts?"


"I know just how to do it," Dana said. 


Just write.


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