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The Fuel

Sacred Beings

There is prescience in preserving our lives, although trauma and violence struck at a young age. The walk may never be admirable and full of thorns, but the honesty and truth it shows are valor to justice. When the rest of the unjust rebute their innocence, we, victims of violence, remain to be the trustworthy, the honorable, and the sacred. Simply, because we are the hurting, and the infliction is from the sadists's crime. 


The walk turns into running on gravel, because it can be tiresome alone and what we deserve is fuel to keep going. I think of myself as the wonder woman, no pun intended with my name, Diana, but let the truth reveals itself. The illness from the traumas and violence manifests in so many different ways, but my channel of creativity supports the innocence who can't speak for themselves, those ashamed of the past, and those who wants to hide. I take pride in my walk, because I am sacred, as all victims of violence are.


Which leaves us to wonder what to do with the criminal minds and those who never saw punishment? They are not sacred. They are foul play. They are all sadists criminals. Their actions are the same of the corrupt minds, who destroys and abuse, worthy of judgement, especially by God. I never make any rules, just an intelligent and sacred human being, worthy of trust and honor. 


It is easier to trust me and we, the victims of violence, than to trust the latter. Why? Less crimes, obviously, and less sin, and your lives leads to heaven. God makes these rules, not me, and I profess with all honesty, that I remain as loving and compassionate as I am. I love victims of violence, because we are the majority now, and the world will keep going, and we choose to love one another, and the myth of us being the wretched is superstition. We work hard on healing, and will keep going. 


Our love endureth, as mine always will. Just write.

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