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The Fuel

Karina’s heart

Dana called my father late after the evening at the Post building, and he sounded worried.


"So Rockfield married twenty times and became alone and cynical. When he met Giuseppe Baptiste, he just received his ordination to become a priest of the Catholic faith," said Dana, looking behind him towards the door as if he was expecting someone to break through it.


"Was that the same time Giuseppe Baptiste also became an ordained priest?" asked my father.


"Yes, and that's when they made a pact to rule the world and the way people shop and meet their social circles," said Dana.


"Oh my God, because they wanted to have the power to control people's lives?" Rambo asked.


"Exactly, and the way social connections are shaped in this world so their regime would be in power forever," said Dana, looking behind him.


"Oh my God," said my father. "This was because they never got to have the lives they desired? But, why a priest?" 

"So people will trust them more, just as the way they always dreamed of. Giuseppe was a noble background and Rockfield was too, but no one loved them," said Dana. "I guess it's a revenge for the sufferings they felt from rejections and ostracism."


"Oh my God," Rambo said. "They felt jilted by the world."


"Why didn't anyone help them back then? So they didn't have to end so many families and changed the course of history so terribly?" Asked Karina. "I am now an orphan, and it's an injustice and the Ting Dynasty deserves better."


"Oh my God," said Dana. "I just realized that Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rockfield are both without progenies, and their roles, if found guilty of corruptions, will have to be replaced by a completely different human being. Which means..."


"Betina and Boris deserve it, but Karina doesn't want the throne," said my father.


"I wish to remain in peace and help them, Pearsons and Giuseppe, but I wished I knew how," said Karina.


"Help them? Even though they were behind your parents's murders?" asked my father. "They deserve punishment."


"We will have to get their statement that they won't hurt Karina," said Rambo.


"We have to meet him and show him who Karina is," I said. "Just face him and ask him why is it not okay for Katina to exist in peaceful harmony. We already know The New Order men hurt Karina."


"We will record a video of Karina and me, introducing to the world who we are and what Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rockfield have been doing to the world. We have to abandon the Tier system and have transportation system the way a normal society would function," my father said. "The way the world runs now feels backwards and archaic, even with the advancement of our technologies."


"We can negotiate with them, and we can play it after Giuseppe finishes with his violin performance," said Dana. He looked to the door behind him, but there was no one there.


"Okay, get on with our work," said Rambo.


Just write.


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