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The Fuel

Jerome Jackson - In Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

~ Dedicated to Rep. Alma Adams, Dr. Richard Rysdam, DO., and all of the Black Infant Health Programs Staff and Team. With all of my respect and honor. I love you. ~


Jerome Jackson came home after school.


He felt his dark skin felt melted under the sun.


He yelled, "MAMA! I want to win people's hearts!"


Mama Jackson asked, "How will you do that, son?"


"I will give friends candies and hugs," Jerome replied.


"You have a big heart," Mama Jackson said.


Jerome looked around his house for some candies, and gathered them inside a plastic bag.


"Mama, do you think people will see me as strange?" Jerome Jackson asked.


"You are not strange," Mama Jackson answered back.


"Mama, what if people wonder why I love them," Jerome asked again.


"Tell them because you are lovely, just as you are," Mama Jackson answered and held


her son for a few minutes.


"Mama, I have enough hugs for everyone I know," Jerome yelled with happiness.


"Every soul always needs a hug," Mama Jackson smiled.


"But, what if people don't want my hugs?" Jerome Jackson worried.


"All you can do is own your part," Mama Jackson held Jerome's hands.


"Do you think they will notice my love?" Jerome asked.


"Sometimes, people won't notice," Mama Jackson honestly replied.


"And, about my candies and hugs?" Jerome wondered.


"Sometimes people won't see, even if it is in front of their eyes," Mama Jackson said.


"Why should I love them, Mama?"  Jerome asked.


"Love your heart first and foremost," Mama Jackson advised.


"It will hurt me, if they don't love me back," Jerome was afraid.


"Stay strong child, because I will always love you," Mama Jackson spoke from experience.


"What if they don't want me? How will I face them again?" Jerome worried.


"Keep your head up high," Mama Jackson lifted her son's spirit with wisdom.


"I will see these friends tomorrow," Jerome said, holding his bag of candies.


"Onward to the future, Jerome!" Mama Jackson told her son.


The next day, Jerome Jackson gave all of his candies and hugs at school.


Some friends smiled, and others hugged him back.


When Jerome Jackson came home, he yelled, "Mama, let's buy more candies!"


"Did you find love, Jerome?" Mama Jackson wondered.


"Hugs, and some love me back, Mama!" Jerome Jackson replied.


"Keep loving, child," Mama Jackson kissed her son.



The end. Just write.

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The Green Things I See

~Dedicated to Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, D.B.Weishampel & Family and Seth & Joshua Meyers, for your fresh creativity, voice, humor, and love. You're evergreen to me. ~


Sometimes, I wonder …

How come people like these green things we see?


It has leaves, with colors of green

They can turn murky brown, like the dirt on the ground


These green things can change their colors

When Autumn comes, and Summer is gone


It is strange, to see these green things grow

From the ground we step on


The funny thing is, all these green things ARE NOT MINE

Someone else made them, from a tiny seed


Because I use to think, maybe…

We can make them out of paprika, flour, pepper, or salt?


It turns out, the green things we see

Are the little green plants we need


To help us live in this planet we live on

And to help mother nature get stronger


Now, we can buy these plants, in a small cute pot

To help it grow and properly placed


I hear, the more plants we plant, means…

The more rain comes down, down, down


These green things can grow up

From that tiny seed to a fully grown tree!


Sometimes I see these green trees dance in the wind

When no one is aware


Some green things can even help people heal

While other green things we see are just BEAUTIFUL


These green things we see can bloom and grow

Blossoming into flowers, like roses, zinnias, and peonies


These green plants ARE something to build on

To help our lives and relax our minds


If the green things we see disappear,

Then oxygen will go away, too


People can't breathe properly, when we only need

To just splash some water on a tree


The world will become crowded

With green angry monsters, instead of green trees


We truly need these green things we see

Because, the green things we see help animals live


Like tiny aphids, pretty butterflies, and cute ladybugs

Or little snails, fat caterpillars, and swinging monkeys


I am now more aware, of why

People love the green things we see


Sold at the nearby stores, nurseries, and little markets

Groceries, local farms, and even in the computer


We need little green plants, for beautification

Of our minds, and to help us feel ALIVE


And …


One day, I too want to grow,

Like the green things we see


To become a fully grown tree

Strong, solid, and rooted to the soil


Growing tall, reaching the sky,

And I will be so surprised …


Am I just as beautiful, as the green things we see?


I will keep these green things in my memory

Of how I am also like a little tree


Then for some reason, I become beautiful,

just like the green things I see



The end.

Just write.

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~Dedicated to Gloria Steinem, who I dreamt to meet and did, as she replied, "Well…I dreamed about meeting you!"~


Russell is fifty, the type of number that speaks for itself.

Russell is half a century, and full of might.


He dances every day, and jiggles when he sneezes.

Russell never complains in anything he chooses to do.


Russell loves his children, and his wife, too.

He says the heart needs to be full of the people you care about.


Russell says he fell down once, and couldn't get back up.

So, he took a breather, relaxed for a while and raised himself up.


Russell says when he grows up, he wants a Labrador retriever.

Because when Russell goes fishing, he needs an expert to accompany him.


Russell is not afraid to tell everyone his age, fifty or not.

Because he loves his life and everything it's about.


Russell loves jazz, blues, rock, funk, and the guitar.

He walks like a rock star, because he is one inside.


Russell says if he can eat books, he probably would and could.

But, he reads them instead, to let the worms live inside.


Russell never went to school, but he wishes he is a Psychologist.

Because he believes attitude can change everything.


Russell says he loves the water and oxygen the most.

He also thinks no one should have to complain about them.


Russell made a big mistake one day in the past.

But, he forgave himself and focused on the answer to move on.


Russell tells everyone he believes in true love,

Because, when he was in his sixties, he finally found his.


Russell says he is always careful with his health and his heart.

He protects them, because those are the keys to life.


Russell was told he was old, by some old lady,

But, he doesn't trust the lady because she never walked in his shoes before.


Russell was beaten in a game of tennis.

So, he tried ping-pong and won the state finals.


Russell never gives room for jealousy.

Because jealousy is always jealous of everything it sees.


Russell loves barbeques and hamburgers, on hot sunny days.

Because sometimes we all need to savor the moment.


Russell doesn't like mean or angry people.

Because one day with any of them, means trouble!


Russell says he loves the ocean.

Because the ocean is definitely bigger and stranger than anything he has ever seen.


Russell loves hot tea, cookies and fireside chats on snowy days.

He says moments like these can heal someone's life.


Russell says he doesn't bother with dirt.

He says he is an expert on living a clean life


Russell doesn't like people with mud in their brains

He thinks sticky people break people apart.


Russell is now more than a hundred years old, but his heart is fifty.

Because he just feels fifty really suits him for the moment.


Russell says he always loves his life.

That's why everyone remembers Russell and not the years of his life.



The end. Just write.


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I want to let you know

~Dedicated to my brothers in spirit, Ben Affleck, Sean Moynihan, JD, of Denver, and Derek J. Jones. ~


Today, I want to let you know,

Just how I feel about you.


First of all, I think you are great,

And I think I like you.


I know, I only know what I know of you,

But, you will be surprised of how much I know.


If you say let's play space combat in the desert,

I'll tell you to pretend we're in Disneyland instead.


If sunshine turns into hailstorm,

I'll pray for a change in weather.


If there is danger,

I'll tell you to run for your life!


If you want to face your fears, I'll tell you that's great,

but being fearless is one thing, and being smart is another.


If you have a headache,

I'll make you take a nap.


If someone tells you, you are growing faster than your pants,

I will tell them they will never grow up!


If you're gnarly, I'll tell you,

If you're silly, I'll let you know.


If you start to feel bad about anything,

I'll make sure you feel normal about everything.


When you are lazy,

I'll remind you how lazy you can be.


But if you are tired and very, very, very sad,

It's really okay to feel grumpy.


If you are jealous of me, and I am jealous of you,

We will puke at perfect people together.


If you eat too much,

I'll tell you, "You might get fat and won't be picked for the team!"


If you get sick, and no one cares about you

I will tell you about the time I had the chicken pox.


If I just won a million dollars, and feel too good for anyone.

You shouldn't worry so much, but those million dollars can be useful.


If you want to leave,

I'll cry.


I know all these things sounds too good to be true,

But I am just amazing, that's all…


I am not lying,

I really am an amazing kid!


So, I thought, …

I should let you know


Your friend.

Till The end.

Just write.


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Know that I Love You

 ~ Inspired by Janet Nuss and Dr. Marian Mehegan, DDS.~


Broken cups, spilling milk,

Or plates tumbling

When you're hiding, running,

Jumping, or screaming


Know that I love you


When you cry and

Everyone sees

Even with bandages

On your knees


Know that I love you


After a fight, and

You've been pushed down

Even when everyone

Keeps poking fun


Know that I love you


When people are laughing

But you are embarrassed

Hiding behind your palms

Eyes red and heart calloused


Know that I love you


When you feel a bit

Tattered inside

And no one could place

Your sadness aside


Know that I love you


When the going

Gets rough

When you feel you're

Not strong enough


Know that I love you


When your heart is

Joyfully dancing

And you are

Jubilantly singing


Know that I love you


When you are

The winning team, and

You've reached everything

You can dream


Know that I love you


When you have to make

A perfect choice

Hoping and praying

To hear a voice


Know that I love you


When you're facing

So many choices

Trying to make

The right decision


Know that I love you


If thunder and lightning

causes some fear

And the darkness

Comes crawling near


Know that I love you


When nothing can

Give you despair

And every second is

A breath of fresh air


Know that I love you


But, before, after,

During, or while

And when everything

Gives you a smile


Know that I love you


When you've found

Your true love

Truly divine from

Up above


Know that I love you


In winter, spring,

Summer, or fall

Blooming flowers, and

The gentle breeze call


Know that I love you


I love you


I love you


I will always love you



The end. Just write.

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One Day

~ In loving memory of Dr. Robert M. Fineman, MD, PhD. ~

One day, out of the 365 days of the year, an old man saw a star.


But, the blue sky changed its color to grey with thunder and lightning as rain poured on the Earth.


"A new generation is born today," said a voice, who spoke from high above the clouds.


The old man thought, "This feels very familiar."


He walked to follow the star, and he saw a little boy near a lake. 


He walked slowly towards him, to see who this boy was. 


"I am alive!" said the little boy, as he embraced the rain with open arms.   


The little boy asked the man, "Who are you?"


"I am The Master," said the old man. "And, who are you?"


"I am Boy Wonder," the little boy told him, as the boy smiled. "I am from another galaxy to help you on Earth. I am born with a gift."


"What is your gift?" The Master asked Boy Wonder.


"I can change the future," said Boy Wonder.


"What are you going to do with that gift son?" The Master asked Boy Wonder.


"I don't know, because I am just a boy. But, I suppose, to help make this place a better world," said Boy Wonder, trying to improvise to understand his new mission.


"I will tell you this…I am the Master and I will tell you a little formula that I learned from living on Earth. One bad deed needs at least one good deed to balance the future, and sometimes more.  But, one good deed could stand on its own and sometimes it can last forever.  Which one will you choose to do?" The Master asked Boy Wonder.


"I choose GOOD! It can last forever!" answered Boy Wonder.


"Let's see how you feel after you see BAD," said The Master.


Boy Wonder scrunched his eyebrows and said, "Why would anyone want BAD in the first place?"


"Come with me, and let's walk in the fields," said The Master. He took a small cane as it elongated into a walking stick, made of Titanium.


The Master and Boy Wonder walked together as the wind came with thunder and lightning bolted on trees in front of them. Rain poured harder on the Earth with large drops of cold water from the sky. Dirt turned into mud, and the storm blew wind against them, preventing them to move forward. .


They walked for days in the open field in the storm, and Boy Wonder said, "I don't know if I can change the future, because I cannot even change the weather!" His eyes were red from the hard rain dropping into his large brown eyes, and he began to cry.


Suddenly. The Master and Boy Wonder looked above and the scorching hot sun appeared with the wind blowing angrily, rousing the sky as the mud turned into sand and began to rise into a storm on unsteady ground.


"Can you work with this much BAD?!" The Master asked Boy Wonder.


"I don't think I can do this! What happens now?" Boy Wonder asked the Master.


"I will show you how to change this BAD into GOOD!" The Master yelled above the sound of the wind, and he pointed towards South.


Near the South, Boy Wonder saw mountains with a large body of water and some sort of beings, moving about.


"What are they?" asked Boy Wonder.


"The large rocks piercing towards the sky are called "mountains." The large body of water is "ocean," and those beings are called "humans," more commonly knowns as "people," said the Master. "They can help you change the future."


"Do they know about BAD?" Boy Wonder asked him.


"They know BAD very well, actually some of those "humans" are good at being bad," said the Master. "The good thing is, some of them are so intelligent, that they too were born with a gift."


"I will ask them to help me," said Boy Wonder.


"What are you going to tell them? After experiencing that much BAD?" The Master asked this

gifted boy.


"To ask them to do GOOD, all GOOD! And TO CHANGE!" Boy Wonder told the Master, and The Master nodded.


"Remember, for every BAD, you always need at least one GOOD, and even more.  And Remember: GOOD can last forever!" said The Master, in wisdom.


"Why is there BAD?" Boy Wonder asked, "We don't need it!"


"Because BAD is very easy to do, but GOOD is out of the ordinary," said The Master, holding Boy Wonder's shoulder.


"BAD is strange, and dangerous!" Boy Wonder said.


"Good is suprising, and hopeful," The Master said, lifting this eyes to the sky.


"Then if all GOOD, can last forever, do people like GOOD?" Boy Wonder asked.


"Now you know why, I need you," The Master hugged the little boy, and said, "CHANGE



"Always GOOD!" Boy Wonder told the Master, "I promise."


The Master walked with Boy Wonder towards the mountains and the ocean, where those humans lived with the hope of a new generation who will change the future forever.


For the Children. Just write.

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The Omen

Dana's face was on the Graphics of the Magical Billboards, announcing, "Hear me all citizens of the Earth, Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rockfield were long time lovers, and they were ashamed to admit it. Because of their anguish and denials, they also wanted to deny others of their human rights!" 


Dana's face looked like a wolf but with plump lips from his plumpers. "They wanted to make sure everyone they loved who belonged in their circle of communities remain the first to know any information or rights pertaining to the humanity. This caused them to abuse their powers because they committed crimes against the poor who showed promising futures. They purposely assaulted, raped, sabotaged, destroyed, murdered, violated all forms of hope for those who showed a promising social life, financial life, romantic life and skills in bargain shopping. They wanted to make sure these castes become vulnerables and to never shop Tier 1. They wanted to keep them as Tier 3 or Homeless."


Everyone gasped on the Earth and it was as if a breath of wind inhaled into the core of the universe, then exhaled out oxygen after a full minute of stillness. The sheer suprise of the citizens of the Earth gave Dana more valor to speak more of the atrocious acts of Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rockfield. 


"They will try to deny their crimes, and they will try to gain more powers and claim victory because they are still the reigning leaders, but come January 20, they shall be replaced by new form of leaderships. We will have to announce our plans as human beings to call on a new leadership for each nation of the Earth," said Dana. "This has to be done fast! Or those two miniscules will try to gain control by calling on the Choi Militia and Black Mollies to use their cars to search for vulnerables and hurt their lives. This was done to Karina Ting, and they will try it again!"


The whole Earth murmured amongst their families and loved ones and the sound was as swarms of bees were hovering over the entire skies. Father and I looked to the horizon and wondered if the humming sounds were from a source, and there were black dots that looked like flies far yonder further than the mountains in the sky. Karina looked to me and Rambo, and asked, "What are those?" Rambo and I shrugged our shoulders, and the people around us kept chanting "REFORMATION" as Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rockfield were being tied with the pretzel shaped flags.


"I did nothing wrong. I was acting as a human being with needs!" exclaimed Giuseppe Baptiste. 


"I was in love with him, and I was following my heart's desires. A heart so full of love!" shouted Pearsons Rockfield. "Its Cinnamon Sugar in my blood. I promise!"


Everyone around them shushed Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rockfield. Everyone was tired of their bratty wants and tantrums.


"We are throwing you both in the penitentiary, until further notice, or until the Moon ceases to shine and the Sun never appears," said MAD. The people took them over their heads and walked to the nearest county jail, that was rumored to be located behind Denver General Hospital. 


"Are those what I think they are?" said my Father. "Hornets?" The humming sound was the sound of the hornets from the farthest part of South Americas and they were the size of dollar bills. "They are giant hornets, and they're ready to attack!"


The people around us ran to a shelter and to the buildings around them, and any thoughts of lightbulbs shortage and no more macaroni and cheese felt as child's play compared to these giant hornets from the South.


Those who carried Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rockfield ran instead of walked, but the hornets got to the two leaders and swarmed them. The hornets especially began to feed off the bodies of Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rockfield, and stung them with the giant stingers as the two leaders were swollen and their bodies exploded but the hornets ate away their carcass because these insects were not only gigantic, but they were also carnivorous.


"The Omen," whispered Rambo to me and Karina, as we stood in the shade underneath a tree still watching the whole entire display of heavenly justice unfold in front of our eyes.


"Was it karma? You think?" I asked my Father. 


"I doubt it. It's the law of heaven. Those two committed brutal crimes. It's the culmination of their deeds," said my Father. "The world suffered because of their abuse."


Karina sat cross-legged on the grass knoll further from the crowd of people watching the two bloodied bodies of Giuseppe Baptiste and Pearsons Rockfield feasted upon by the swarms of giant carnivorous hornets.


Dana shouted over to the people, "What's going on Denverites?"

I realized Dana had no idea in real time what was going on in front of our eyes. My Father took his wrist phone and dialed on Dana's number and showed him the scene. Dana cried and looked to the skies, and said, "There is a God." And the people hummed a somber tune, something out of a song book that no one knew but somehow everyone took part. It was as if the song was inside the world's mind. 


"Peace be on Earth, O my Soul. Let the people sing. Rise above the sorrows and the sins over us. Peace be on Earth," sang the people of Denver and worldwide.


Since the death of Giuseppe Baptiste and Persons Rockfield, the world was calm and silent, to commemorate those we lost because of the two psychotic leaders who harmed the entire planet. Each soul walked in the morning and took time to greet one another and we all soon realized that there was no lightbulb shortage or macaroni and cheese shortage. Those were all made up to instill fear amongst the people and used to brain wash and manipulate the world so the two psychotic leaders would be able to control the minds of the people by giving them instructions of a made-up catastrophe.


Dana stayed in the tropical islands he vacationed in, because he met a gorgeous woman his age and they married and adopted a local orphan boy and girl. He called his "Charmed Life."


Karina went back to school and so did I and so did Rambo. We all took online classes and took care of Boris and Betina in the evenings when my Father went back to night shift as he took care of the babies in the mornings. We moved to a bigger condo in Denver with four bedrooms and three baths, but no longer in the city, instead in the residential condo nearby a bookstore and a kindergarten to prepare for the babies to grow up in this cruel world.


World leaders were chosen again, and Karina was in line for a title, but she refused a Royal Title, instead, she chose the babies as future the Future Prince and Princess, and they were allowed to marry anyone they desired inside their hearts. The Political leaders were voted into office, and the first families lived in the capitols and the castles that were once owned by the Royal Families were given to the Royal lineage, the long lost descendants of The Duke of Essex, that was once claimed to have been forgotten, but since he was out of the lime light, the Duke and his families were given blessings beyond reason.


Once again, the world and time collaborated wihh the people, as I looked to the heavens and prayed, "Please help us all."


The End. Just write.

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The Presidential Election

Tobias Wielton was about to make his mark in the world. He ran home to tell his Mom. His breath short and staggered as he finally reached his mobile home at the Westminster Crest Trailer Community, close to the children's park around the rotary traffic circle in Westminster, Colorado. With the wired door slightly ajar on trailer number 39, he grabbed the handle and swung it open mightily.


"Mom, there is an election at school. Do you know what that means?" said Toby to his mother, as he ran to her and pulled on her dress as she prepared her green bean casserole in the kitchen.


"We'll have supper and talk about it, sweetie. Here, taste a little bit," she said, stuffing a little green bean casserole from a small spoon into his mouth.  


"Oooh…cheesy, I love it," said Toby. "So I'm running for President."


"Wow. President?!" Joann said, as she turned her head to her son. The conversation was starting to sound more serious. "What are you planning to do for your people?"


"You know how you said Daddy left because you're fat? I don't think it's true," he said, bluntly.


Her face almost repressing a laugh, and said, "Go ahead honey, tell me what you really think."


"Well, I think he left because he didn't love you enough. I think you guys meet too quickly and didn't become friends enough. I know it's true," said Toby all in one breath.


Her shift at Wal-Mart just ended, but she didn't anticipate his full disclosure on the probable cause of the divorce a year ago.

"Is this about Josephine?" Joann pulled her chair and sat down. "You know I told you it's too soon, baby. You have to get to know her."


"I think if I become President, she'll be impressed by me that she'd fall in love," Toby said. "I asked Principal Smith and she said it's called, "Puppy Love."


"I see. I believe it," said Joann, rubbing her son's head. She picked him up to her lap as her one huge belly rolled into parts. Toby leanded on her soft large stomach.


"Mom, I know if I get to plan what I want to plan. I get to go with Josephine," said Toby, his brown eyes moistening into romanticism.


"So you got to do anything special for this?" said Joann, a little worried because she can barely pay for her rent and the shift at Wal-Mart was being cut short again. The usual 40 hours became 36 then became 30 and now she has to survive on 25 hours per week. "You know I have nothing, baby."


"I will do what you told me about, raising money? Remember we talked about it? Lemonade stands and some bake sales. I want a dance, I get to ask Josephine," said Toby. "But I won't have to pay anything because the money's been raised. We can dance together and be best friends."


"What if she says 'No' and you still become President?" asked Joann, as she hugged him.


"There are some other girls, but I want Josephine," said Toby. "I just feel it Mommy. I know it's Puppy Love."


"We'll we got to dress you up, and make sure you wear a tie and a jacket for the election," said Joann.


"I'll have everything done," said Toby. He ran to his room to prepare his speech and fill out the application for the Parkside Elementary School Student Body Presidency. "Mom, can you make Mac and Cheese if I win?"


"We can put some ham in it, baby," said Joann. "Come eat supper first before you write your speech. R'member to tell your friends about the dance plan. That's a good idea," she said, smiling and scooping some green bean casserole onto a plate for her and her son.


There was nothing special in the casserole, just the usual green beans, Campbell's Mushroom soup, cubed onions, cheddar cheese, and French's Fried Onions. But, Toby was running on Puppy Love and his whole soul and body were a mixture of passion, drive and sugar sweet intentions to meet Josephine that everything tasted divine.


"I never tasted better casseroles," said Toby.


The next day, the paper work for the Presidential Election had to be entered to the main office by noon, and the names of the candidates were revealed by 2: 45 pm. The election will be done after the next two weeks frame of the presidential campaign.


Principal Smith got on the school microphone, and announced the candidates, "We have three this year. Two Fifth Graders and one Fourth Grader," she said.


"First candidate, Nicholas Wells, Fifth grade, from Mrs. Stanapolous's class," said Principal Smith, as he placed the first piece of paper face down on her table. "Second, we have Jennifer Tanaka, Fifth Grader, from Mr. George's class." She put the second piece of paper down and she smiled as the third piece of paper was about to be read. "Our third candidate, never been done before, is from Fourth Grade, Mrs. Presley's class, Tobias Wielton. He also said that he is running on Puppy Love," said Principal Smith.


Everyone in Mrs. Presley's class turned to Toby in the middle row and a little boy asked him, "What's Puppy Love?"


"It's when you're still in Fourth Grade, but your heart gets all fuzzy when you see a certain person. It's called Puppy Love, because it's the same feeling when you fall in love with a puppy," said Toby, his hands gesticulating.


"Oh my gosh," said Josephine. She glanced to Toby and covered her face with her hands. Her cheeks all pinkish from the warmth. Toby smiled and looked down to his hands, and folded them.


Mrs. Presley walked to Toby and kneeled down to him, "Toby, I want you to write the best speech possible. It will be such an honor to have the student body president in my classroom," she said, as she kissed his forehead.


"I'll write it tonight," said Toby, with more than just the excitement of writing a speech. For the first time in his life, he felt significant to represent his Fourth Grade class as the Presidential Nominee.


As soon as the bell rang, everyone scattered as if a riot had broken out. They all ran home and couldn't wait to for the two weeks of presidential campaigns at their own elementary school. Toby walked to his home with a tinge of fear from the thoughts of the two weeks campaigns.


"I will just do what I need to do," he said under his breath. His eyes watered and his chest burned from the fear and worry of not having any money to campaign for his presidential election.


"I'm sorry, Mom," he said, feeling the pressure and sorrow of not having the means to excel in life. He started to cry on his way home, because he knew that without the campaign, people won't know his name and people won't remember him or his cause. He simply had nothing to campaign with. No money, no campaign, meant No Presidency and No School Dance and No Josephine. Puppy love will be done and over with.


Toby arrived home with nothing left inside his spirit, but anguish and grief. Joann saw his son's white shirt, all wet on the front and snot was all over his sleeves. "Baby, what happened?" She was worried that Toby might have been hurt on his way home.


"Campaign week, Mommy," said Toby.


Joann quickly grabbed him, lifting his whole body with her powerful arms and cuddled with him on the couch. She caressed his cheeks and told him, "I know baby. I went to elementary school too, you know. I also went to high school. May have been a drop out, but I remember some of it," said Joann.


"We don't have any money," said Toby. He sobbed and Joann felt the soft tender heart of his being torn apart.


"I got good news baby," said Joann. "We don't need to campaign, we just need to give them each a piece of paper with a smart slogan. That's like campaigning right?"


"Just a piece of paper?" asked Toby.


"We'll cut up some writing paper into fours and we draw on it and write something sweet. Then we tell them to vote for you," said Joann.


"I trust you. I love you," said Toby, hugging her.


"We'll get started with just 15 pieces of paper first, and that makes 60 pieces of flyers, then after two days, we do another 15, until the end of the campaign week," said Joann.


"What do you think we'll say on them?" Toby wondered.


"One will say, 'Driven by Puppy Love, vote for the sweetest President. Vote for Tobias Wielton," Joann said, "Another one will say, 'You are my friend. And I am yours. Let's choose friendships and love. Let's have a ball. Vote for Tobias Wielton."


Toby suddenly stood up out of the faith that everything will be okay. He jumped on the couch, and shouted, "The "ball" can be the lead to the school dance and I get to spend time with Josephine!"


"You need to make sure she knows how you feel. Tell her in class if she doesn't mind being in your speech," said Joann.


"What do you mean?" said Toby.


"Tell her you love her and that she's the reason you're running for President," said Joann.


"I trust you, Mom. Okay," said Toby.


Supper was as delicious as usual. This time, it was just a peanut butter sandwich, because poultry was a luxury and the vegetables weren't bought yet. But, there was always bread. They ate together and later on, made their flyers, which took almost four hours, until eleven at night. But, Joann knew that with hard work comes rewards.


The next two weeks, Toby kept working on distributing the flyers all over school. He even taped some in the boy's restroom, behind each stall, and next to every mirror. No one missed Toby's fliers, and as a matter of fact, Josephine told him, "This is a cute flyer. I can't believe you drew on each one!" Which gave him a huge boost of confidence that made him want to fly to the moon with her.


"I think you're a sweetheart," replied Toby. And for a moment, they locked eyes.  He smiled and looked into her green eyes, and mesmerized by how exquisite she was.


Josephine smiled back and told him, "I'm voting for you." Toby almost fainted. He swayed to the side and his heart pumped in adrenaline. He wanted to hug her, but she ran to her father's van to go home.


The two weeks of campaigning were nothing but a victory for Tobias Wielton, and who knew that art won over the hearts of his people at Parkside Elementary. "All out of love, please let me win," Toby chanted those words in his heart and mind, as he walked home every day from school.


By the third week of that same month, it was time for the Presidential Election Speech, as the whole school gathered inside the auditorium. Each of the candidates were seated in their normal seats with their class and they were each asked to come up on the stage as they were being announced.


Nicholas Wells wore a dapper black jacket with a white button down shirt, blue jeans and a blue paisley tie. He spoke about the possibilities of having a school trip to Elitch Garden during the upcoming summer as they transition to Middle School. He would love to keep in touch with everyone. He also made a conjecture about separating the salads in the cafeteria as an optional choice, instead of a mandatory consumption.


Jennifer Tanaka was next and her speech was elaborately weaved into a story about how her mother had gotten into Harvard because it took a village to raise a child. Jennifer also talked about how the school should embrace cultural competency and have a "cultural night" where everyone should dress up in their native cultural attire. She wore a pretty green and white cranes print dress with a pearl necklace. She looked like an enchanting porcelain doll that Toby couldn't stop looking at her.

Josephine sat next to him in the auditorium and she noticed how charmed Toby was by Jennifer Tanaka. "I know. She's so pretty," said Josephine, her soft voice indicated a slight feeling of loss.


Toby heard her and looked to her, "I think she will make it into Harvard," he said. Then he took Josephine's hand and kissed it, "She's in Fifth Grade. She'll go to middle school soon."


Josephine's lips curved to a smile and told him, "I'm voting for you."


Everyone clapped as Jennifer Tanaka slowly made her way back to her seat. Principal Smith took the stage and announced the final candidate.


"This year, we have a Fourth Grader with a courageous and loving heart who said he was "driven by Puppy Love," to run for the Presidential Election," said Principal Smith.


Toby looked to Josephine, and said, "I want you to help me for the speech."


"What do I need to do?" asked Josephine.


"Just stand up," said Toby.


Principal Smith looked to Toby and said over the microphone, "Now let's hear from one of our own pupils, Tobias Wielton, with his speech for the Presidential Campaign for Parkside Elementary!"


The whole auditorium clapped as Toby walked onto the stage. Toby had on his cargo pants and a brown jacket with a navy tie, as he fixed it to look presentable for the audience. He opened his piece of paper and began reading it:


"This is the first time I have ever ran for anything. It is not because I couldn't but it is because I finally have a reason to do so. I know I'm only in Fourth Grade, but I have a year to go and that will be a year of experience for me to run for your next presidential election when I am in Fifth Grade. I want to grow with you and I want to be friends with you.

I am running for this Presidential Election because I am suffering from Puppy Love and she knows and she approves. She is why I am driven to success and why I plan to have a school dance where every boy will ask a girl to the dance, so they can begin a friendship that will last a lifetime.


My Mom is alone, and she met my Dad in high school, but I think they weren't friends that much. I think if we have a dance at school, we will have the chance to raise money and work together. We will meet each other and become friends, even best friends for life. That's why I want to be your President, because I want to build friendships for all us. I may not have a library card yet, but I can help you just as much as a Fifth Grader can. Vote for me, the boy with the Puppy Love, Tobias Wielton." Tobias said, as he ended his speech and waved to the audience.


The audience clapped and all of the fourth graders were so happy because they felt empowered by their classmate. His bravery to run for the presidency out of the pure intent of building relationships, was a compliment to the Fourth Graders.


"And I have already made sure that my Puppy Love will come with me," said Toby. He looked to Josephine, and said, "Josephine, if you have me as your date for our Parkside School Dance, will you stand up?"


Josephine stood up and waved at everyone and nodded to Tobias.


"That's how friendships build," said Toby. "Thank you, Josephine."


Josephine sat down and covered her face with her palms. Mrs. Presley sneaked to her side and gave her a hug to tell her how brave and sweet she was to help Toby. Josephine whispered to her, and said, "I hope we have a dance." Mrs. Presley giggled.


Principal Smith walked to the microphone as the audience were still clapping and some even stood up after Tobias made his speech. Toby walked back to his seat next to Josephine and held her hand. As Principal Smith made her announcement about lunch being served, the teachers handed out the election ballots with check boxes next to the candidate's names.

The election was in progress.


Tobias checked the box next to his name and Josephine showed him her ballot with his name checked as well. They resumed holding hands.


Lunch was next and the whole student body walked to the cafeteria and ate for the next half hour as the teachers counted the ballots.


Principal Smith was back on the microphone, "We have the results. This year, we will have Tobias Wielton as the Student Body President for Parkside Elementary."


The whole cafeteria shouted Toby's name. Toby couldn't believe he truly won the Presidential Election.


"We will have a fundraising committee to start meeting and planning for the school dance, as Toby had already told us," said Principal Smith over the microphone.


"Oh, my gosh!" said Toby. His eyes glistened and Josephine jumped up and down.


Toby was so happy because out of this whole experience, he grew closer to the girl he loved the most at Parkside Elementary. Not just friends, but their relationship might be officially called "boyfriend-girlfriend-ish."


The whole cafeteria roared and some tapped their trays to show their support. Jennifer Tanaka walked to Toby and gave him a hug. "Tell me if you would like some help planning, I'm very smart," said Jennifer.


"I will definitely need your help," said Toby, as they shook hands.


Nicholas Wells gave Toby a high-five. "I know Jennifer will say yes, too," said Nicholas. Nicholas walked behind Jennifer and asked her, "So what do you think Americans should wear as a native attire?"


Jennifer giggled and said, "I don't know, it was an idea. Maybe you can just be who you are or where your ancestors came from."


"Oh good, because I'm Polish and English," said Nicholas. He looked into her eyes and said, "I hope you'll come with me to the dance."


Jennifer replied, "I'd love to." She smiled from ear to ear as Nicholas took her hand and they walked together to their table inside the cafeteria.


"Isn't Puppy Love grand?" said Joann, beside Toby unexpectedly.


"Oh my gosh! Mom!" shouted Toby, as he jumped into her arms.


"I saw your speech. You were brilliant, baby," said Joann.


"You taught me, Mom. It was all you!" said Toby, as he pushed his lips onto her cheeks.


"So who is your friend?" Joann asked about Josephine, standing behind Toby, all teary eyed and eager to meet Joann.


"Oh, I forgot," Toby got down from his mother's arms and took Josephine to his mother. "This is Puppy Love," said Tobias.


The end. Just write.

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In Cameroon

It was a dark and misty night after a long day of rain, when Theodore went with his mother to the carnival. Suddenly, a flubbery fat clown bumped into Theodore, holding a plastic bag with a fish inside.


"I give you one free fish kid," said the strange clown with smelly breath of raw fish and garlic. 


"I didn't ask for one," Theodore told the peculiar clown, as he looked closely into the little plastic bag. Inside the bag was an orange goldfish with yellow fins, and eyes as black as the darkest part of the attic of a haunted house. 


"Feed him live worms, fish food, and flies, and you will see a bright change in your life," whispered the clown. 


Theodore grew nervous and left the clown and called for an early night. "He is just too much for a ten-year-old. But, I do like this fish," said Theodore.


After walking away from the fat clown and safely returning home with his mother, Theodore gently placed his new fish, inside his pond in the backyard. 


"Here yee, here yee, I shall name you, Cameroon!"  declared Theodore, but Cameroon showed his fangs to show his joy for his new home, and Theodore immediately ran inside his house, frightened. 


Feeding frenzies and happy moments made Theodore love Cameroon, his new goldfish, and they became best friends as live worms became a regular diet. Several days turned into weeks, and Theodore never noticed his goldfish was haunted with a love spell to capture Theodore's full attention in life. 


As time went on, Theodore abandoned his daily activities just to be with his goldfish. His pogo stick would be left on the ground because live worms seemed more fun, and swordplay became boring because his swords were made of wood, and Cameroon ate flies.


"You are one hungry goldfish Cameroon, but I like you more than worms, swords, or pogo sticks!"  Theodore told his new best friend.


Cameroon stopped playing with everything, and basketball or jump rope became too common for Theodore.  All day and night, Theodore kept talking to Cameroon in the backyard, as Cameroon swam around the pond and did nothing for response.


One day, Theodore became very lonely and went to the pond to cry, because he realized his only friend was Cameroon. Cameroon flipped like a dolphin, to show how happy he was to see Theodore, every time Theodore comes to his pond.  But today, when Cameroon saw tears in Theodore's eyes, Cameroon became angry and splashed Theodore with some pond water! 


Theodore started to laugh, and suddenly had a bright idea! 


"I should find Cameroon a mate!!" Theodore decided. Theodore thought of returning to the carnival to fetch Cameroon a mate, but the pet store was much closer in distance from Theodore's house. 


"One fish, please," Theodore told the fish lady at the pet store. 


"But, you can have six fishes for a dollar," said the fish lady. 


"Nope, I just want one goldfish, and please give me an orange one!" said Theodore to the fish lady. 


"I hope you can afford more next time," said the fish lady, grumbling.


When Theodore came home, he immediately went to the pond and showed Cameroon his new friend. "I give you a mate!! This one is named "Crunchy!" Theodore said, because he was very happy for Cameroon, and Crunchy swam inside the pond. But, with one bite, Cameroon ate Crunchy whole! 


Theodore cried, "BUT, CRUNCHY WAS YOUR FRIEND!"  Cameroon flipped like a dolphin and splashed some pond water to make Theodore happy. 


"I hope you will become a good little fish inside this pond!" Theodore scolded, but Cameroon kept swimming inside the pond. Theodore was very upset that night, and went to sleep a little more scared and lonelier than the night before.  He feared that his life will become lonely and that his friend for life would only be just one crazy goldfish, Cameroon.


"I wish I had more friends than just one ol' fish," Theodore wept, and wished for a few more kids around his neighborhood to keep him company.


The next morning, grey and cloudy from the cold night, Theodore peeked outside his own kitchen window to see if Cameroon was still inside the pond. Cameroon perched on top of a small rock inside the pond, because Cameroon knew Theodore was looking for him.


"I have to teach Cameroon how to play well with other fishes," Theodore made an oath to himself, because Cameroon was still Theodore's only friend.


That evening, after a hard day of cycling, mud castles, and swordplay, Theodore came back to the pet store, for more fishes to keep Cameroon company. 


"I need two dollars' worth of goldfishes for my pond," Theodore told the grumbling fish lady.  The fish lady was so happy, and even gave a morsel of live worms for the goldfishes to munch inside the large plastic bag.  When Theodore arrived home, he hurried to his pond and released the dozen of goldfishes to let them swim with Cameroon.


Cameroon swam inside the pond, faster than usual, because he was very upset.  Theodore became terrified because he saw how Cameroon swam so fast inside the pond, and he ran inside his house to forget about Cameroon, just for a night. 


"I'll just leave him with his new friends," Theodore thought, before he fell asleep. Before he dozed off, Theodore prayed for another human friend in the neighborhood to save him from Cameroon's hunger for life. "God, if you're listening, I want a new friend, so I won't be so lonely," said Theodore, and then he zonked out like a little baby.


A week after the dreadful night, Theodore peeked inside his own pond.  The whole pond was empty, but Cameroon was swimming near the bottom of the pond, hiding. Cameroon's hunger for other fishes completely skewed Theodore's hopes and dreams of a perfect pond.


"Something looks fishy," Theodore thought with teary eyes, to sympathize for the dozen of goldfishes he thought were safe with Cameroon. Cameroon flipped like a dolphin, splashed some pond water at Theodore and swam happily inside the pond. 

"Cameroon is not a guppy," Theodore told himself, and he noticed something else.  Cameroon grew twice his size, his yellow fins turned bloody red, and his eyes became brown, NOT black. 


"I will have to take you back to the clown, because I don't know who you are, Cameroon! You keep eating your new friends," said Theodore. Theodore was petrified and quickly took a plastic bag and gently placed Cameroon inside the bag, to return Cameroon back to the clown at the carnival.


At the carnival, the clown was still there, handing out stickers to people that said, "DON'T FISH FOR TROUBLE!" 


Theodore gave Cameroon back to the clown and angrily said, "I can't keep him, he is the scariest fish I have ever met! I bought some fishes to be his friend, and he ate all of them!" 


The clown laughed and told Theodore, "I'm sorry, I didn't know you're so scared of goldfishes."  Theodore replied, "I'm not, but this one is very scary!" as Theodore furiously scurried off the carnival. 


The clown lifted the plastic bag to see Cameroon inside, and whispered to Cameroon, "I hope the next person has a bigger pond."  The clown laughed, and placed Cameroon inside a little bowl, to keep him company at the carnival. 


Ever since the tragedy of Cameroon, Theodore cleaned the pond, and stopped crying at night.  He bought another docile fish from the fish lady at the pet store, and that same night, Maya was searching for catnip at the pet store. 


"My cat will eat all of your goldfishes," said Maya, trying to scare Theodore, because he kept staring at the fishes in the aquariums. 


Theodore replied, "I have to make sure you will meet Cameroon at the carnival, I think your cat will fall in love with him." Theodore smiled because Maya has freckles and a polka-dot dress. 


"I could tell from your eyes, that you're in love with something," Maya smiled back.


Theodore never knew his ten years old neighbor, Maya, often searches for catnip at the same pet store he goes to.  Theodore was never lonely anymore, because Maya was a fierce swordsman, and her cat would climb Theodore's trees in his backyard, at least once a week. 


In the mean time, Cameroon was still at the carnival, and the strange clown with stinky breath still has plenty of stickers to attract more customers to his show.  The latest sticker said, "Love your life, and life will love you back."


The End.

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Joe Schmoe

 Joe Schmoe, our friendly manly neighbor who looked just like any man in the neighborhood, wanted to do something different. Joe wanted to do something more differentest than the most different of the differentest. He decided to grow his armpit hairs because he believed that life needed to be something special. He wanted people to remember him as the guy with the longest armpits hair, because this way, although he looked like any guy in the neighborhood, everyone will remember his hairy armpits.


He took one stretchy rubber band and tied the hairy part of his armpits after he braided it into a twist. He definitely became odd, more than the oddest of the odds.


Days passed and the hairs on his armpits grew longer, so he had to take his rubber bands and re-braid his hairy armpits, everyday.  Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months and became years, as Joe Schmoe kept braiding the hair on his hairy armpits, until it looked like a pony tail underneath his armpits.


He realized he needed to wash his pits because he didn't want it to smell as foul, as it began to smell like a foul smelly man of the foulest.  He finally took sometime to wash his armpits hair, and also his hairs on his head.


"If I grew the hairs on my head, I wouldn't have been the differentest of the different of them all. What would be special about that?" said Joe Schmoe in the shower, a man similar to any other man in the neighborhood, except for his hairy armpits.


As the years passed by some more, his hairy armpits became yards and yards long. The braids that were made of the hair on his hairy armpits became stringy and sticky during the day, as it also smelled soury. The twisted braids grew so long, it started to come out of his shirts and down to his knees.


"Eww, his hairy armpits are coming out of his clothes. Gross hairy armpits man!" said an honest kid in the neighborhood.


Joe smiled and said, "That's right kid. Remember this day, you just met Joe Schmoe, the man with the hairiest armpits of the hairy armpits."


The kid ran while covering his nose and yelled, "JOE SCHMOE IS GROSS, HIS ARMPITS ARE STINKY AND HAIRY!!"


Joe was baffled, because he thought people would congratulate him, but seeing how the little kid ran, Joe was flabbergasted. He looked down onto his hairy armpits and thought, "Maybe I just need to rewash it again."


He went home at that moment, decided to take a quick shower and washed his hairy armpits for hours, until he believed he smelled clean.  He dressed himself up, and braided his armpits hair then twisted the hairs on his pits to make himself look sharp.


He went outside his door and there were neighborhood kids and adults in front of his house.


"You should really shave your armpits, it is not good for children," said Loud Man from the East side of the neighborhood.


"You are starting to smell foul and your hairy armpits will repel other people from becoming your friends," said a Loud Lady, while covering her daughter's eyes from seeing some man's hairy pits.


Joe became so sad and walked back into his home with a somber attitude. He sat on his couch, and thought, "I wish I was different than the rest of the neighborhood, and be loved for it."


He went to the shower and decided it was time to shave his pits, and in a few minutes all of his hair from his hairy armpits were shaven off. His armpits were hairless, and he smelled his pits and said, "I know…. I will grow my nose hairs!"


The End. Just write.

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